Financial Advisor Cover Letter Example + Tips

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When looking for a job as a financial advisor, it can be crucial to demonstrate your capabilities to potential employers. Communicating and paying attention to detail are two abilities of successful financial advisors. By using this free financial advisor cover letter sample and the helpful tips listed, you can create your own cover letter proving that you possess these important skills.

Dear Ms. Strickland,

With the constantly changing economy, it is important to have financial advisors who understand how to handle a variety of fiscal situations. Your company is very reputable and has had a positive impact on its clients. I believe that my ability to make quick and effective decisions as well as my skills in the area of finance could be a benefit to your company.

Having worked for the past four years as a personal banker, I am very familiar with selling financial products and services and explaining financial terminology to clients. I also have experience in helping customers with money and risk management. I understand how the finance industry works and enjoy helping clients make the most of their assets.

I recently completed my associate degree in finance, and am looking to advance my career. Your job listing specified a desire for additional education and licenses. My associate degree has made me interested in becoming more specialized and devoting my talent to specific areas of finance.

I feel that my existing knowledge of the financial industry and my experience with customer service will make me an ideal candidate for this job. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and hope you will consider me as an employee. I would be grateful to get to know you better during an interview.

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What to Include in a Financial Advisor Cover Letter

Do your best not to wander off the topic as shown in this free financial advisor cover letter sample. Keeping your information relevant can keep your reader more engaged. Rather than boast about all of your past accomplishments, list ways that a few specific skills or achievements could benefit that particular company. Don’t be afraid to make bold statements about your qualifications and value. The reader should know that you are confident in your abilities.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The finance industry can be very competitive, and allowing a reader to see the abilities you possess that set you apart from other candidates can be crucial. This free financial advisor cover letter sample shows a few examples of that.

● Critical Thinking: The many investment options and potential risks involved with handling clients’ money require a financial advisor to make well-informed, logical decisions.
● Salesmanship: A financial advisor should be able to explain the different products and services available to the clients and make recommendations depending on their needs.
● People Skills: Meeting face to face with clients to discuss their needs is vital to the success of a financial advisor.
● Multitasking: Financial advisors must consistently monitor the accounts of multiple clients to make sure adjustments are not needed.