Financial Analyst Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A weak cover letter can greatly hinder your chances of getting the job of your dreams. However, a thoughtfully crafted document can help you outshine the other applicants. Focusing on industry specific abilities and skills can help you catch the attention of potential employers. Get started by reading through this free financial analyst cover letter sample.

Dear Ms. Henry,

I have possessed a strong aptitude for numbers since I was a child, which led me to pursue a degree in finance. I have since gained extensive experience as a financial analyst. After looking through your job listing, I knew that I would be the perfect fit for this position.

Your job posting indicates that you are looking for someone who can improve financial outcomes through detailed analysis of financial reports. Since graduating with my degree, I have worked as a financial analyst at a large clothing company for the last 10 years. In this position, I regularly analyze reports to improve financial outcomes. When I first started, these outcomes were far from the target goals of the company. However, through a detailed analysis, I was able to provide the company with several ways to remedy the problems and improve outcomes.

You also indicate that you are looking for an independent problem solver. In my previous position, I was responsible for analyzing situations on my own, and I have become very good at developing creative solutions using all of my industry resources.

My extensive experience in the industry makes me highly suited for this position, and I am prepared to start immediately. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to be able to talk with you further about my qualifications.

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What to Include in a Financial Analyst Cover Letter

First, make sure that you are focusing on detailed and tangible industry-specific experience that goes beyond the information provided in your resume. Use specific situations that demonstrate your capabilities. Second, you want to use a professional tone and avoid clichés. Finally, you want to thank the hiring manager for their time and invite them to further discuss your interest in the position. The idea, as demonstrated in the free financial analyst cover letter sample above, is to leave them thinking about you.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

A strong cover letter should be crafted specifically for the open position and desired qualifications. Here are a few common financial analyst skills that potential employers look for. You can use these to further add to the free financial analyst cover letter sample above.

● Analytical skills: You will be expected to analyze extensive data to improve investments or profits.
● Communication: You will be working with a range of clients who may not understand the industry jargon.
● Decision-making skills: You will be expected to respond to issues and make fast decisions.
● Detail Oriented: You will need to look at the full picture to identify even the smallest variances and numbers.