Personal Banker Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A cover letter is a formal explanation of your work skills to a potential employer and can be a valuable opportunity to expand on your qualifications. It is not simply a repeat of your resume. In fact, many applicants use this writing opportunity to show off skills in communication, explanation, and even persuasion. The tone can offer insights into your professionalism or even how personable you are, so it’s clear why crafting a cover letter with care is important. Use the free personal banker cover letter sample below as inspiration.

Dear Mr. Strauss,

With consumers becoming more savvy about their finances, the best banks are those that provide thoughtful, expert analysis and personal banking guidance. I bring several years of experience providing top-notch banking service and would like to extend my talents to the advertised position of personal banker with your firm.

With an MBA from Harvard as well as extensive experience working in various capacities throughout the financial sector, I believe my education, banking prowess, and job training make me the perfect fit for this position.

Your firm expressed interest in a candidate who has experience building customer loyalty. I bring a track record of strong customer relations and account maintenance. I am well-versed in general banking procedures, including opening and closing accounts as well as the rules of mortgaging, investing, and borrowing.

I offer nearly a decade of experience helping consumers manage their money. I would be thrilled to speak with you further to learn more about this job. Please be in touch, and thank you for your time.

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What to Include in a Personal Banker Cover Letter

There are a few general rules to abide by when you write your own version of this free personal banker cover letter sample. For a job in this traditional field, it’s important to maintain a professional, formal tone. Open with a personal greeting, such as Mr. or Ms., and be sure to close with a thank you. Stick to the standard letter format, and try to keep the length to about four or five paragraphs. Try to repeat language from the job description, as shown in the sample, to show hiring managers that you have done your research.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The best cover letters mention job skills. We included a few our free personal banker cover letter sample, but here are a few additional traits that are particularly valuable in banking:

● Friendliness: Bankers are with customers every day, so you should be approachable and personable.
● Organized: You will need to be able to juggle various duties and help customers with many different types of banking needs.
● Strong Communicator: Personal bankers are able to explain, promote, and cross sell a variety of bank products, including loans, CDs, and IRAs.
● Tech Savvy: You will need to have a strong understanding of basic data-entry software.