Creating a standout CV can lead to catching the eye of hiring managers, but it can be hard to know what elements to include in a winning document. Reviewing the credit manager CV example below can give you a clear idea of how to format your own document, what type of information to include, and which sections you need to have.

While looking at an example can be beneficial, you may still need pointers on how to incorporate your unique experiences into each section. The following CV tips will help you tailor your professional document.


Kora Kang

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated professional with eight years of experience in the financial industry. Fast learner who qualified for a quick promotion thanks to technical knowledge and personable traits. Excel at using financial analysis software, such as Experian Credinomics and Fair Isaac Capstone Decision Manager. Enjoy working in a team-setting but also able to complete projects without the support of other credit analysts.

  • Strong communication skills, both in writing and speaking, honed while I was a bank teller.
  • Very service oriented, which is why I always try to help others when I can do so and stay within company policy.
  • Technical knowledge of mathematics, computer programs, and financial procedures better prepares me to analyze financial information.
  • Quick decision-maker able to consider pros and cons of a situation to make the best choice.
  • Active listener who understands the best way to help a customer is to know what he or she is looking for.
  • Use deductive and inductive reasoning to find the best solutions to complex problems.
Work Experience
Credit Manager
February 2015 – Present



  • Analyze financial statements and credit history to better understand how much risk could be involved in extending credit to customers.
  • Set credit policies for institution and enforce the policies among credit analysts.
  • Increase efficiency of generating financial ratios by 17 percent through the introduction of new computer programs.
  • Confer with credit analysts and financial advisors to better understand the potential risk associated with a customer.

Credit Analyst
January 2011 – February 2015



  • Generated reports examining degrees of risk, and presented to credit officers and managers.
  • Completed loan request summaries and credit analyses as part of the loan application to submit the information to approval committees.
  • Created a new reviewing process to make finding delinquent accounts approximately 28 percent faster.
  • Evaluated client information to propose a payback schedule based on payment history, earning, savings, and purchase activity.

Bank Teller
June 2010 – January 2011




  • Prepared and mailed customer statements.
  • Handled hundreds of dollars daily, and checked higher bills for signs of forgery.
  • Recorded customer transactions in secure spreadsheets to ensure other team members would have access to the data.
  • Consulted with bankers and credit analysts to set up meetings with customers who were interested in getting credit.


Master of Science in Finance


University of California
City, State
Credit Analysis Certificate


Risk Management Association
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy crafts. I like to knit, crochet, scrapbook, quilt, and sew. I often use my affinity for craft-making to run workshops for children and adults at the local fabric store. When I’m not crafting, I am usually reading a good book, spending time with family, or playing a board game.



Questions for Your Credit Manager CV

1. How do you format a credit manager CV?

Since there is not one standard curriculum vitae format, you should choose the layout that best emphasizes the points you feel are most important for your career goals. While a CV can be longer than a resume, it should not contain information that is not of value to the hiring manager. Choose an easy-to-read font and arrange the details in a logical order.

After reading through the credit manager CV sample, use the CV builder to write your own personalized document. This tool leads you step by step through the writing process.

2. How do you describe achievements on your credit manager CV?

Listing achievements on your CV can help you stand out from other candidates. Instead of merely tallying prior job responsibilities, describe achievements by providing details about how you exceeded targets or accomplished specific goals. Include awards, promotions, and leadership positions you held. Also mention certificates, training, and education that are pertinent to the desired job position. Each achievement should represent a trait that could be valuable to a prospective employer.

3. Should you include references on a credit manager CV?

As shown on the credit manager CV sample, do not list references on your CV. Since this document may only receive a few seconds of attention from the hiring manager, include only the most important information to help the reviewer decide that you should proceed further through the interview process.

Waiting to provide references also gives you the option at a later time to choose which one best fit the employer. When interviewing, bring a separate document with reference information to give over as needed.

4. How do you describe computer skills on your credit manager CV?

When possible, incorporate computer skills in the explanations of your prior accomplishments to show how you used your knowledge to achieve measurable results. Featured computer skills should be relevant to the future employer.

If you took courses to learn or improve your proficiency using applicable hardware or software, include details about the training in the education section of the CV. Refer to the credit manager CV sample for ideas on how to integrate computer skills into the different sections.

5. How do you make a credit manager CV for a first job?

When writing a CV to use when applying for a first job, share relevant accomplishments from your education, volunteer work, community involvement, and other extracurricular activities. Include transferrable skills such as fluency in foreign languages, writing experience, project management, or deadline successes. Use active verbs to help the hiring manager understand how you previously applied your skills and to show how those skills will successfully translate into the workplace.

Carefully proofread the document to ensure that there are no typing errors, misspellings, or grammatical mistakes. When applying for a first job, your CV should usually fit on a single page.

Credit Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Credit Manager Do?

A credit manager, sometimes referred to as a credit analyst, credit administrator, credit representative, or risk analyst, can work for a retail store or financial institution. You may be expected to decide who qualifies for store credit or how much credit a person can get. To do this you need to analyze a person’s financial history and assess how much of a risk he or she would pose to your company.

It may also be a part of your job to explain payment schedules to customers. In some cases, you may have a supervising role over other credit analysts, but this might not be the case at every company.

Your CV should show hiring managers that you are a qualified candidate. Refer to the credit manager CV example to get a better idea of exactly what type of information you should include in your own professional document.

Tips for Creating a Great Credit Manager CV

Keep the following tips in mind as you build your own personally tailored credit manager CV:

  • Use the Professional Summary section as a quick sales pitch rather than objective statement. Include your most important skills, experiences, and accomplishments.
  • Show your progression through a company by including different positions at the same organization. For example, if you started out in the financial industry as an underwriter and then were promoted to a risk analyst, you can show that development.
  • Include any relevant education and training, but avoid discussing your high school education. Instead, talk about your credit analysis certificate, bachelor’s degree, or credit and collections internship.
  • Incorporate industry-specific action words, such as analyze, generate, consult, compare, prepare, evaluate, and confer, in your Work Experience section to make this section more engaging. You can also include quantifiable achievements.
  • Avoid discussing religious or political affiliations in your Hobbies and Interest section. Instead, stick to less controversial topics, such as volunteering and hobbies.

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