It can be difficult to feel confident when applying for a job alongside numerous other candidates. Only applicants that stand out from the crowd will have a chance to be hired. If you want to catch the attention of employers, you need to create a strong curriculum vitae. This simple document includes information about all different aspects of your professional qualifications, such as your previous working experience, skills, work ethic, and education. Because it is a concise package, employers can quickly learn everything they need to know to make their decision. Review this guest service agent CV example to begin.


Brittany Stewart

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Caring and professional guest service agent with nearly 10 years of working experience. Excellent communication skills, both interpersonal and professional, able to build strong relationships with customers and encourage return business. Organized and familiar with administrative duties. Extensive experience working with other service agents and collaborating to create the best possible experience for guests. A history of succeeding in the service industry while providing unmatched customer service at all times.

  • Excellent customer service and professional interaction skills necessary to provide guests with the ultimate experience
  • Extensive communication abilities, including interpersonal, professional, written, and oral, which helps me convey information clearly and concisely
  • Attention to detail, critical thinking, decision making, and management experience
  • Organized service agent, comfortable multitasking, and familiar with administrative tasks
  • Experienced handling money responsibly and accurately
Work Experience
Guest Service Agent
2014 to present



  • Welcome guests and assist in checking them in, helping move luggage and guiding guests as needed.
  • Answer inquiries and provide information clearly and efficiently.
  • Complete transactions while handling money responsibly and counting out change accurately to prevent errors.
  • Answer calls, send additional services, and redirect incoming calls for guests.
  • Led service staff with customer satisfaction rates consistently above 90 percent.

Assistant Guest Service Agent
2012 to 2014



  • Provided assistance to guest service agents with tasks, including helping guests, arranging transportation of luggage, and answering questions.
  • Checked supply and created inventory reports for supervising service agents.
  • Completed miscellaneous tasks quickly and correctly.
  • Arranged shuttle schedule on a daily basis, and informed guests of accurate times of arrival and departure.
  • Accepted mail and parcels, and organized them for guests to pick up.

Customer Service Representative
2008 to 2012




  • Assisted customers with transactions quickly and tactfully.
  • Communicated with customers clearly while building a relationship to encourage return business.
  • Collected and distributed money accurately and responsibly.
  • Answered inquiries quickly and clearly while maintaining working knowledge of services provided.
  • Maintained position in top 80 percent of service representatives.


Bachelor in Hospitality


University of Nevada
Associate in Hospitality


University of Nevada
Hobbies and Interests

In order to further my communication and interpersonal interaction skills, I enjoy travelling and immersing myself in different cultures. I also run on a daily basis and play tennis and basketball to stay fit. When I have the opportunity, I enjoy dedicating my time to a local charity organization.



Guest Service Agent Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Guest Service Agent Do?

Any position that revolves primarily around providing customer service to guests can be titled guest service agent. It is most common for this job title to be used in the hospitality industry, especially in hotels. In this instance, guest service agents typically register guests upon initial check in, and fulfill any requests they have at any point throughout their stay. They may also manage a team of service professionals and coordinate different employees to ensure that adequate customer service can be provided at all times. A CV for this position should focus primarily on communication and service skills because these are the attributes that are at the heart of being a guest service agent. Organization and administration skills, as well as an attention to detail, are also important. The above guest service agent CV example demonstrates how these aspects can be seamlessly integrated into your CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Guest Service Agent CV

Follow these simple writing tips and our CV maker to make sure your CV is as strong as it possibly can be:

  • Remember that a guest service agent CV is all about communication. This means that any typographical errors directly question your communication abilities. Review your CV multiple times to find and eliminate all mistakes.
  •  Do take the appearance of your CV into consideration. While the content is most important, the impression it creates at first glance does come into play. Large, intimidating blocks of text or wasteful gaps of empty space do not look good in a CV.
  • Make sure your experience section is formatted correctly. It should be in past tense, except for your currently held position. Begin all bullet points with an action verb. List your jobs in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent.
  •  Do not make your CV too long. One full page should be your goal. It is only acceptable to use two pages if you have more than ten years of working experience and cannot represent it with less.

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