Hotel Front Desk Agent Resume Example

Kellie Hanna, CPRW
By Kellie Hanna, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: December 06, 2022
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Your first impression during a hotel stay begins with your experience at the front desk. A smooth check-in and a friendly face can get your trip started off on the right foot. Just as a quality front desk agent can take the stress out of travel, a quality resume can take the stress out of your job search!

Front desk agents are like ambassadors for a hotel. The good ones are friendly, knowledgeable, and resourceful. They not only check you in and out of your room, they also solve problems and attend to special requests. Helpful items to include on your resume include computer and phone skills, the ability to solve problems, and a genuine interest in creating a great experience for customers.

Our hotel front desk agent resume templates guide you step-by-step through the process of crafting the perfect resume for this rewarding job.

hotel front desk agent resume example


Hotel Front Desk Agent Resume Questions

1. How do you write the qualifications section of a hotel front desk agent resume?

Your skills list should include between six and eight bullet points. Because of these limits, you have to think hard about the skills you want to mention. Top qualities employers seek in hotel front desk personnel may include responsibility, attention to detail, and the ability to help all types of guests. Our hotel front desk agent resume sample offers some more examples of important skills for this job.

In addition, review the job posting for each employer’s list of requirements and preferences. Mirroring exact terms can help if the employer uses an Applicant Tracking System to sort through resumes based on keywords.

2. How do you describe achievements on a hotel front desk agent resume?

Include significant awards that promote your image as a successful, hardworking professional. Omit humorous awards or awards you received when everyone else got one too — employers can tell when you list a participation trophy.

Describing a particularly impressive success can also effectively showcase your achievements. Use specific metrics that make clear the extent of your challenge or of the improvement you brought to your employer.

3. How long should a hotel front desk agent resume be?

Contrary to popular wisdom, the one-page resume is not an absolute requirement. If you need two pages to convey all necessary information, use two. However, keep in mind that busy hiring managers tend to read quickly. To stand out, you need your resume to grab and hold their attention. One important technique to achieve this is making sure every word you put on the page serves a purpose.

Note that the applicant in our hotel front desk agent resume sample possesses a significant amount of experience in this position. He nevertheless limits his resume to one page by keeping his wording concise and avoiding extraneous information.

4. How can you highlight team experience on a hotel front desk agent resume?

Teamwork plays an essential role in your job performance as hotel front desk agent. You work with other hotel team members to ensure guests get the help they need. Simply describing yourself as a great team player may not go far enough to convince employers you have what it takes. To make a stronger impression, include ways you worked with others as well as specific instances when you succeeded in a challenging situation due to your collaborative skills.

5. If you’ve never held a hotel front desk agent job before, how do you make a hotel front desk agent resume?

Looking at our hotel front desk agent resume sample, you may question how you can apply its principles without any previous experience in this job. However, you may still possess most or even all of the core skills in this resume. You can list other work experiences where you kept records, answered the phone, or provided customer service. This includes part-time work in high school or college. You may have done these things as a member of a student organization or as a volunteer. If you have completed relevant coursework, you can emphasize it in your education section. Still stumped? Our perfect resume builder can make the writing process even smoother.

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Resume Text

John Ryan

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Hard working Hotel Front Desk Agent dedicated to the accommodation and satisfaction of customers. Skilled in the management of guest data and information, check-in and check-out, and customer service. Specialize in collaborating with customers to achieve efficient and expedient assistance.


  • Guest registration
  • Customer service
  • Room services
  • Record keeping
  • Phone management
  • Organized
  • Reliable

Work Experience

March 2009 to September 2014 Company Name — City, State Hotel Front Desk Agent

  • Responded to guest complaints or support requests and conducted analysis on request rates to determine customer satisfaction
  • Inputted and organized data on customers
  • Processed guest payments and prepared records on weekly cash flow and revenue

May 2004 to February 2009 Company Name — City, State Hotel Front Desk Agent

  • Registered new guests, recorded information and inputted data into internal system, updated room capacities and vacancies
  • Provided information on programs, support and assistance to customers
  • Facilitated checkout for guests, relayed information on checkouts to cleaning department

January 2000 to March 2004 Company Name — City, State Hotel Front Desk Agent

  • Managed incoming phone calls, recorded guest requests and fulfilled guest needs
  • Assisted guests with check in including confirmation of booking, room readiness, and offered marketing promotions
  • Maintained financial records of weekly cash flow, weekly bookings and vacancies, and expenditure reports 


1999 Hidden Valley High School