Housekeeper Room Attendant Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: August 25, 2022
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Your best bet to become a housekeeper room attendant is to spend some time cleaning up your resume. You see, resumes are the single greatest tool at your disposal for getting the attention of hiring manager. And that’s what leads to you getting called in for an interview. Given the number of resumes a manager sees, it is crucial that you stand out from the pack.

Housekeepers should highlight any relevant customer service experience from the job posting. Using the same language from the posting, describe how you’ve gone above and beyond those qualifications. If the job description calls for “friendly,” give specific examples of being “friendly–” perhaps by greeting customers every time you saw them.

If you need a bit of inspiration, or just want to know if you’re on the right track, take the time to peruse our housekeeper room attendant resume examples.

housekeeper room attendant resume example


Housekeeper Room Attendant Resume Questions

1. What can you do to make your housekeeper room attendant resume stand out?

If you want your resume to stand out, you should show off your best housekeeping traits. The ideal candidate for this type of job should demonstrate top skills in customer service, organization, cleanliness, and time management. A stellar resume should give examples of a candidate’s excellence with these skills. Additionally, hiring managers won’t ignore your document if you tailor your skills and experience to the posted job. This way, you can put yourself in a good position to get the job offer.

2. How do you highlight soft skills on a housekeeper room attendant resume?

While it’s important to point out essential industry skills on your resume, you also need to discuss your soft skills at some point. Soft skills are simply general job skills or character traits that give employers more information about how successful you’ll be in the workplace. Many employers want to see candidates with a stronger set of soft skills, such as communication, problem solving, and work ethic. In the housekeeper room attendant resume sample, the candidate lists attributes like these in the skills section of their resume template. Another way to approach this is to give examples of how you perform these skills in the work history section.

3. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a housekeeper room attendant resume?

In your work history section for your housekeeper resume, you need to include a variety of job experiences that prove you have the skills needed for the job. You can do this by breaking up your accomplishments and duties into five to eight bullet points under each position. Each bullet point should start with a strong action verb and give details about something you’ve done well in your previous job. Whenever possible, use quantifiable numbers, such as dollar amounts or percentages, to help hiring managers get a better understanding of your success.

4. How should you structure your housekeeper room attendant resume?

Choosing the right resume format shows how serious the candidate is about the job. There are several effective structures to help put yourself in serious contention. You can follow the example of the housekeeper room attendant resume sample and use a chronological structure for your resume if you have relevant experience in the field. You could also opt for the functional style resume if you have never held a position in this industry or a similar field. Instead of listing your jobs in chronological order, you need to emphasize specific skills and relevant experience outside of the workplace that shows you are capable. With the help of our resume builder, you can easily get your document formatted step-by-step.

5. How do you list schools in a housekeeper room attendant resume?

Your resume should also have a strong education section near the end of the document. While most housekeeper room attendant resume sample documents don’t have an extensive academic section, employers still want to see what your educational background looks like. List the most recent school you attended at the top of this section. Include information such as the date of graduation and the name of your program. You should start with trade schools or colleges and end your list with high school information.


Don’t fear the cover letter. Our Housekeeper Room Attendant cover letter samples take the sting out of writing a compelling document to accompany your Housekeeper Room Attendant resume.

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Resume Text

Rylee Mills

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Proficient Housekeeper Room Attendant with 10 year history in cleaning and customer service. Exceptional interpersonal and time management skills. Organized and hard working, with dedication to completing tasks on time and surpassing expectations.


Seven-time winner, Employee of the Month


June 2010 to Current
Company Name City, State
March 2007 to May 2010
Company Name City, State
Fast Food Crew Member
January 2004 to February 2007
Company Name City, State


California Food Handler’s Card, 2007-Present