Hotel Reservations Agent Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: April 27, 2022
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hotel reservations agent resume example


Hotel Reservations Agent Resume Questions

1. How do you make a hotel reservations agent resume for a first job?

As you see from our hotel reservations agent resume sample, jobseekers commonly focus their resume around the experience section. Employers are most interested in the working experiences of candidates. However, if you have never held a job before, this is a strategy you cannot use.

When writing an entry-level resume, we recommend shifting focus to your skills or education. You can describe the experiences you do have that helped you develop the required skills, whether these experiences were an internship, school project, or something else entirely. Additionally, our resume builder tool is a great tool for creating the perfect entry-level resume.

2. How do you format a hotel reservations agent resume?

Many jobseekers fail to realize how important the format of their resume actually is. Do not make the same mistake. Some hiring managers will reject candidates before even reading their resume if it uses what they consider to be an incorrect structure.

Open your resume with a summary or resume objective, then quickly move into a short qualifications section and follow this by creating a dense experience section to describe your previous jobs. The education section should close the document. There are examples of each of these sections on our hotel reservations agent resume sample.

3. How do you write an objective statement for a hotel reservations agent resume?

The first section of your resume can either be a summary statement or resume objective. While a summary statement is the standard, entry-level resumes can benefit from opening with an objective statement instead.

Describe your goals with the hotel reservations agent position. However, you should think carefully about what information the reader actually needs to know. Describing your passion for a completely unrelated field hurts your chances, but mentioning how long you intend to hold the position or any plans for advancing into higher positions is a good idea.

4. How long should a hotel reservations agent resume be?

Many jobseekers underestimate how important the length of their resume is. It may seem like it makes no difference, but the length determines how inviting the document is and how qualified you look. Making it too long discourages employers from reading it in its entirety, but making it too short does not portray you in a good light.

Review our hotel reservations agent resume sample to see the optimal length for your resume. We suggest one full page, however you should add a page if you have a work history longer than 10 years.

5. What format should your hotel reservations agent resume be in?

Unlike the length of your resume, the file format you choose to save it in is not important. Few employers care which file format used, although a few do require a particular format. This means you should look at the job posting carefully to be sure not to miss this requirement. Otherwise, you can simply save it as a Microsoft Word document, .txt, or PDF.

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Resume Text

Cory Parker 123 Fake Street City, State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000


Detail-oriented Hotel Reservations Agent who is very familiar with all of the industry standard reservation software platforms. Adept at managing a large reservation calendar, taking care of customer special needs and persuading guests to add services to their reservation. Specializes in large resorts and hotels.


  • Always has a consistently professional attitude
  • Able to handle any customer special request
  • Dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer service possible
  • Utilizes marketing skills to make outbound calls to regular guests during promotions
  • Enjoys working with sales and marketing to increase reservations
  • Exceptionally strong computer hardware and software skills

Work Experience

October 2011 to February 2015 Company Name – City, State Hotel Reservations Agent

  • Proactively took guest reservations and was one of the top agents for adding services to each reservation.
  • Collaborated with marketing to devise special promotions that were used during non-peak periods.
  • Assisted in developing ideas for holiday promotions that increased reservations.

April 2004 to October 2011 Company Name – City, State Hotel Reservations Agent

  • Acted as focal point of a team in charge of taking reservations for higher profile rooms.
  • Made outbound calls a few times a year to offer specials to regular guests.
  • Worked with management to smooth out the transition from one software platform to another.

June 1998 to April 2004 Company Name – City, State Hotel Reservations Agent

  • Took incoming calls from guests looking for information on the resort or to make reservations.
  • Recognized for having the highest call conversion rate for several months.


1998 University of the Sun, City, State Bachelor of Science, Hospitality