Without a solid CV, you’ll have difficulty succeeding in the social work sector and landing the jobs you want, or even receiving calls about interviews. One of the best ways to get a notable outcome is to look at social work CV examples and study it to familiarize yourself with content specifications and best practices for formatting.Read and utilize the relevant CV writing tips that follow to ensure you’re well equipped and able to steer clear of common mistakes. Also, download the PDF version of the sample CV and look at it while personalizing each section.

Stephanie Kellogg

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Holds a job in the social work sector and directly deals primarily with women and children who are fleeing domestic violence. Expert in handling cases associated with disabilities and special needs. Managed the cases of a dozen women from Malaysia rescued from a sex worker’s ring and brought to the United States for rehabilitation.

  • Fluent writer and speaker of English, Spanish, and German.
  • Able to quickly put people at ease, particularly whey they feel stressed, scared, and uncertain about future prospects.
  • Frequent and competent user of both Macintosh and Windows-based computer platforms.
  • Excellent communicator, even when interacting with non-English speakers.
  • Skilled transcriber of spoken words, both in workplace and courtroom environments.
Work Experience
Social Worker
March 2015 – present


Company Name

  • Help clients adjust to life changes and empower them to stabilize their own circumstances.
  • Refer clients to resources in the community, including food stamp programs, housing assistance, and employment options.
  • Consult related agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond to gather necessary information.
  • Evaluate clients’ living situations to verify availability of basic needs and safe surroundings.
  • Supervise visitation sessions between spouses, parents, and children to maintain nurturing, productive circumstances.
  • Communicate with various parties associated with clients, such as legal personnel, housing authorities, law enforcement experts, and language translators.

Care Worker
January 2011 – January 2015


Company Name

  • Provided emotional and mental support to women recovering from domestic violence issues.
  • Received “Care Worker of the Month” award after being in the position for only six months.
  • Performed preliminary research about legal options for women who wanted to take action against allegedly abusive partners.
  • Accompanied clients to court proceedings and offered moral support.
  • Led a campaign to reduce stigmas associated with domestic violence. The Virginia governor officially commended the initiative for its useful contributions within the realm of community education.
Bachelor of Social Work
December 2010


Virginia Commonwealth University
City, State
Successfully completed a two month course about ethical concerns in social work
January 2011.


Hobbies and Interests

I am a participating member of the Virginia chapter of the National Association of Social Work. I enjoy traveling to developing nations and highlighting the domestic violence issues present there. On a regular basis, I voluntarily tutor adults and children who are learning English as a Second Language. Many of the participants have very limited grasps of the language, which requires using significant amounts of gestures and other forms of non-verbal communication.


Questions for Your Social Worker CV

 How do you write the qualifications section of a social work CV?

Recruiters spend very little time reviewing CVs. In fact, many applications get accepted or rejected within six seconds. You can get the reader’s attention with a compelling personal statement. This brief three-sentence summary showcases your relevant qualifications. Specifically, it describes who you are and what value you can bring to an employer. Like the social work CV sample, you can mention your achievements, specialties, and related experience.

 What does a good social work CV look like?

When it comes to your CV templates, the presentation is everything. You need a document that exudes professionalism. With that said, it must be free of errors. If recruiters spot typos it almost guarantees a rejection. Spell every word correctly and make sure the grammar is flawless. Before making your submission, always proofread it first. It’s a good idea to have a friend or colleague read through it as well. Often a second or third pair of eyes can spot mistakes you overlooked. Look at our social work CV sample for ideas on how to make your document stand out from the crowd.

 How do you write a social work CV?

You write a CV in a way that appeals to a potential employer. The purpose of this document is to showcase your career successes while addressing the needs of employers. To do this, you must customize your content for each position. This involves incorporating key phrases and skills listed in the job description.As long as your qualifications match what companies are looking for, add them to your pages. Does the job require someone who is fluent in English and Spanish? If you’re bilingual in those languages, then point that out. Does the ad state, “social worker who specializes in domestic abuse”? If you have expertise in that area, include that information. Our CV maker makes it easy to customize your document for every job you apply for.

 How do you optimize your social work CV for an ATS?

Many CVs never get seen by a human being. Typically, Applicant Tracking Systems screen applications first and rejects those that don’t qualify. This automated tool scans for keywords that are important to the employer. To get past the bots, use job-specific terminology throughout your document. Additionally, you can use acronyms, like CSW, LCSW, or MSW. Keep in mind that you may also need to spell these out because some ATS programs may not recognize that text.

 How do you write the experience section of your social work CV?

The standard CV work history section includes your relevant positions, job titles, employer names, employment length, and core responsibilities. You can maximize this part by making it achievement-focused. Provide examples of how you excelled in the workplace. Whenever possible, quantify your success with metrics.Begin each sentence with action words such as elevated, provided, performed, and led. Use the present tense when describing your current work experience. Use past tense when spotlighting your previous accomplishments. Don’t forget to mention any awards and honors you received. To see how to make this section stand out, look at our social work CV sample.

Social Work CV Must-Haves

What Does a Social Work Professional Do?

Social work professionals help clients deal with challenging situations in their lives. They identify demographic groups and community sectors that need help and communicate with individuals to connect them with appropriate resources. Social workers also perform inspections of home environments, ensuring clients have at least basic necessities for safe, productive lives. They may also accompany clients to courtroom sessions or answer questions related to the social work side of those obligations.In some cases, social workers supervise clients who are seeing their children or spouses. Social workers often work shifts during nights, weekends, and holidays, and may respond to clients facing crisis situations. Refer to the social work CV example to ensure you create a document highlighting your desire to help others and educate them about available resources.

Tips for Creating a Great Social Work CV

Follow these suggestions to compose a CV that accurately portrays your abilities, strengths, and experience:

  • Avoid repetitive words in your CV and use a thesaurus if needed to ensure an appropriate amount of variety while discussing social work tasks and responsibilities.
  • Follow best practices for CV length depending on your career goals.
  • Do not mention controversial subjects like politics or religion.
  • Write an objective statement within the professional summary when applying for entry-level social work positions or transitioning into a social work career after another occupation.
  • Mention internships or training programs related to social work goals.
  • Remember, using fragmented sentences is an acceptable practice while writing your CV and describing the scope of your social work expertise.
  • When detailing work experience, go in chronological order with the most recent social work position first.
  • If possible, use metrics to convey social work-related accomplishments.

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