Staff Accountant Resume Sample


Staff Accountant Resume Sample

Accounting is an exciting, lucrative field, and creating a well-written staff accountant resume is your ticket in. When you put together a strong staff accountant resume, you can prove that you’re a valuable asset to an organization and keep their financial records straight.

Job Summary for a Staff Accountant Resume

A staff accountant resume includes responsibilities that center on supporting the chief financial officer as well as other important company accounting staff members. If you want your staff accountant resume to stand out from the rest, then be sure to list all of your skills in support of the company’s financial efforts.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to a staff accountant resume is that you must be able to take on any accounting task the moment it needs to be done. Some of the more imperative tasks that go on a staff accountant resume include payroll, filing annual reports, generating financial reports for executives, and reviewing accounting numbers to look for errors.

Education & Training

Most staff accounting positions require a four-year college degree in accounting or finance. If you’d like to enhance your staff accountant resume, then take advanced courses in accounting or business management. The stronger your educational foundation is, the easier it is for the hiring manager to choose you for the job.

Even if you’ve already graduated, you can invest in furthering your education. Enroll in regular training courses on new tax laws and software technology to add to your staff accountant resume. Staying up to date on your job is important to having a good staff accountant resume.

Staff Accountant Pay Range

The low end of the staff accountant pay range is approximately 30,000 dollars per year, with the high end at around 65,000 dollars per year. Your educational background and experience dictate how much you make, along with your versatility in performing your job.

Staff Accountant Resume Questions

1. How can you highlight team experience on a staff accountant resume?

No matter what attribute you are trying to emphasize on your resume, the method is the same. The best approach is to incorporate it into as many sections as you can. First of all, your team experience can easily be an item in your skills section.

You can also mention it in your summary and experience section naturally, though you may not be able to effectively work it into your education section. Take a look at the staff accountant resume sample for examples of strong ways to integrate points into these sections.

2. How do you format a staff accountant resume?

Most hiring managers expect to see a particular type of format on the resumes they read from candidates. This means to maximize your chances, you should follow the standard format as well.

Begin with a brief summary statement. This should be about three sentences long. Guide the reader quickly through a short list of your skills in the qualifications section, and then dive deep into your abilities and achievements by examining your previous jobs in the experience section. Finally, you should close your resume with a succinct education section.

3. How do you write the qualifications section of a staff accountant resume?

The qualifications section should be in the form of a short bulleted list. Provide between four and eight bullet points, each of which should be a single, relevant skill. Your goal when writing this section should be for readers to understand the information at a glance.

You want them to reach the experience section as quickly as possible. Some of the most common and appealing skills to include for your field specifically are on our staff accountant resume sample.

4. How do you list certifications on your staff accountant resume?

There are two primary options for listing your certifications on your resume. The first approach is to include them in an existing section. In most cases, they should appear in your qualifications section as another item on the bullet list. You could also choose to describe them in your experience section.

The other option is to create a dedicated section for certification information. This new section should appear at the bottom, either before or after the education section. Many choose to combine it with other information, such as affiliations, awards, or education.

5. How do you list schools in a staff accountant resume?

The education section at the end of your resume is the simplest, shortest, and easiest to write. Using our customizable resume builder is a good way to make sure you arrange the information correctly. Our staff accountant resume sample also demonstrates this section effectively.

Your education section should simply list each of your schools in the reverse order you attended them. Under each school, give the type of degree you earned and the date of graduation. If you have not graduated yet, list the expected date of graduation.

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Resume Text

Olivia Wilson

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Results-oriented accountant with strong work ethic and over six years of experience. Team-oriented professional who prepares clear, comprehensive financial reports for executive-level management. Seeking entry-level staff accountant position with room for growth.


Public and private accounting
Cost Benefit Analysis (CBAs)
Foreign tax reporting
Budget analysis
Account reconciliations

CPA certification
Cost accounting
Analytical reasoning
Creative problem solving
Organization and communication


June 2013 to December 2013
Max Miller Accounting New Cityland, CA
Accounting Intern
June 2007 to May 2013
John Davis, Accountant New Cityland, CA
Administrative Assistant


2013 New Cityland University New Cityland, CA
Bachelor of Science Accounting

Emphasis in Business Administration