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Every graduate should have a great curriculum vitae ready to submit for jobs, but if you don’t and aren’t sure where to start, you certainly aren’t alone. Many people wonder what should be included on a CV, but luckily, it’s easy to understand after consulting our graduate CV example. Doing so should explain what the standard conventions are as well as what contents you should include in your own. Taking our handy tips into consideration will further inspire you to write a CV that’s standout material and likely to impress potential employers.

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Joanne Richardson

345 Joplin Tree Ave. ,Hathaway, CA 11111

T: 555-342-9233 E:

Professional Summary

Aspiring professional with skills ranging from management and training to campaign development. Experienced in various aspects of professional work, including customer service and client relations, team supervision, and professional communication. Expert in applying these and other skills to the workplace in order to improve effectiveness of work and make progress towards attaining university’s goals. Dedicated to collaboration and acting as a team player but equally skilled in working individually and making progress while working alone.

  • -Expert in concepts and applications of peer tutoring -Superior knowledge of teaching and communication -Exemplary spoken and written communication abilities -Innovative problem-solving abilities -Commitment to success of students and the university as a whole
Work Experience
Student Assistant
February 2015-Present

  • Worked in conjunction with professors and other professionals throughout the university to assist with technology, course materials, and student services.
  • Provided exemplary assistance for a range of needs throughout the university community.
  • Partnered with other student assistants to develop initiatives to improve services offered to staff, faculty, and other students.

Graduate Lab Worker
July 2014-February 2015

  • Worked at the graduate lab and assisted students with accessing resources, using technology, and completing projects.

  • Employed expert problem-solving skills to troubleshoot technological issues and develop long-term solutions to problems that recurred.

  • Provided students patronizing lab with exemplary service and assistance with whatever project they may be working on.

Peer Tutor Work Study Assignment
April 2013-July 2014

  • Worked at the University Writing Center as a work study student and developed expert teaching and tutoring skills.
  • Partnered with students to work on assignments, papers, and other various items that could be improved through focused effort.
  • Tutored students in the basic concepts of grammar, essay organization, and communication through written word.

Certificate in Peer Tutoring

University of the Potomac
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

University of the Potomac
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not at the university or otherwise engaged in activities related to school, I have many hobbies I enjoy participating in. I love reading and writing, as well as collaborating with friends on stories we compose. I am also a regular participant in sports such as rugby and soccer, and I enjoy anything that helps me improve my fitness and work out. I volunteer, too, by providing my tutoring services to students in need at the local high school and partnering with them to achieve academic success.

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Graduate CV Must-Haves

What Does Graduate Do?

A graduate may be responsible for many different tasks, but perhaps the most common is that of teaching assistant. Graduates who are looking for work as a TA may be tasked with teaching a classroom, assisting a professor in teaching theirs, or providing other academic assistance to students at a university. Your responsibilities may develop as you progress in your program. Many graduates start their TA careers as tutors and eventually earn the opportunity to teach their own classroom. This is just one of many duties a graduate may have, and you can improve your chances of getting there by consulting our graduate CV example and modeling yours after the tips we have included.

Tips for Creating a Great Graduate CV

Making your graduate CV standout may seem like a challenge, but the above example offers some meaningful guidance. If you want even more advice, these tips can help you get a better idea of what your curriculum vitae should look like:

– Do emphasize your prior success as a student as well as your plans for future success as a graduate in your university.
– Don’t spend too much time elaborating on experience and work history that is not directly relevant to your pursuit of a graduate position.
– Do provide examples of ways you have served the university in the past through prior jobs and experience.
– Don’t downplay the significance of your prior work history, even if it is primarily comprised of positions you held as a student.
– Do position yourself as both an aspiring academic and professional, as both of these qualities are sought after in a graduate.
– Don’t submit a CV that is either too general or specific to convey your qualification for the position.