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If you’re well versed in all things tax-related, a tax manager position is likely a great job for you, but you must first demonstrate your knowledge and qualifications. You’ll have the opportunity to do this in an interview, but potential employers want to know about your experience before then. This is why writing a great curriculum vitae is important. With a great CV on your hands, you can go after a tax manager job and have a summary of your accomplishments to back you up. If you’re lacking inspiration, try consulting our tax manager CV example and tips.
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Elisabeth Gutierrez

234 Eskimo Ln.,Anchorage, AK 11111

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Professional Summary

Skilled tax manager with over 20 years of experience overseeing tax completion, administration, and accounting. Proficient in federal, state, and local tax regulations as well as correct procedures for filing and paying these authorities. Previous experience handling IRS interactions and audits helped to develop a unique ability to solve tax-related problems effectively and innovatively. Supervised accounting department’s staff, ranging in size from 20 to 42 personnel, and previously reduced audits by 23 percent over the course of time spent in organization.

    -Skilled in tax accounting and management. -Advanced mathematical skills, including statistics. -Highly skilled in collaborating with and training staff. -Knowledge of various tax standards and regulations. -Proficient in analyzing and assembling calculations.
Work Experience
Tax Manager
November 2014-Present

  • Direct all accounting procedures to ensure complete compliance with tax standards at federal, state, and local levels.
  • Project expected tax expenses in order to accurately account and plan for costs accumulated throughout the year.
  • Complete all necessary tax returns for each part of the business and ensure all quarterly and annual payments are made in a timely fashion.

Accounting Supervisor
August 2005-November 2014

  • Supervised accounting department’s 20-24 personnel to ensure all staff completed tasks correctly and according to policy.

  • Trained new hires and existing staff in proper accounting techniques in accordance with local, state, and federal jurisdiction.

  • Developed resources for accountants to streamline complex tasks, such as tax computations and payroll troubleshooting.

Assistant Tax Accountant
March 1997-August 2005

  • Assisted supervisors and managers in gathering data necessary to calculate and submit taxes for the company.
  • Verified data and sums indicated by paperwork in order to ensure complete accuracy in all filings and entries.
  • Entered all data collected from paperwork and tax forms so that documentation existed for all parts of the tax filing process.

Master of Business Administration in Accounting

O’Neil Graduate School of Business
Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting

Strand University of Colorado
Hobbies and Interests

I indulge my passion for creative writing by drafting novels and short stories based on my ideas and experiences. I am also a member of a local writing group that focuses on developing writing practices and meets biweekly. These hobbies are for my own personal enjoyment, but I also take pride in using my writing skills to help those in need. I do this by volunteering at the local employment center and helping job seekers write resumes and CVs that accurately reflect their qualifications so that they are attractive candidates on the job market.

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Tax Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Tax Manager Do?

A tax manager is a managerial accounting position that is primarily concerned with calculating, auditing, and submitting payments for tax liabilities. The position also typically oversees the accounting department and interacts with tax authorities to verify payment and compliance with all regulations. The tax manager should plan for taxes to be made on quarterly or annual bases and develop the structure necessary to submit payments accordingly in a timely manner. In addition to these tasks, you can expect to collect data regarding tax payments and calculations and provide regular reports on the status of the company’s tax accounting efforts. You should consult our tax manager CV example for more information on what a CV for this position will typically look like, and you can reference the tips for more help.

Tips for Creating a Great Tax Manager CV

Your CV is your chance to show potential employers why you would be an asset to their team. This might seem easier said than done. If you are wondering how to craft a CV that is both exciting and professionally enticing, consider these tips and tricks:

-Do proofread your resume several times in order to make sure there are no errors in its text.
-Don’t submit an out of date CV to potential employers and plan to update them during an interview-send a version that is recently updated.
-Do format all experience and education in a reverse chronological order so that your most recent accomplishments are the most visible.
-Don’t create a one-size-fits-all CV that you plan to use for all job applications-tailor each to the position you are seeking.
-Do be consistent in your text and formatting by using parallel constructions and paying attention to detail.


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