Teacher Resume Sample


Teacher Resume Sample

Job Description & Responsibilities

A teacher works to educate students in academic subject areas. Teachers help students learn life skills such as teamwork, following rules, and responsibility. Typically, teachers plan lessons, deliver those lessons, and assign grades to students. Teachers also work to help each student succeed through individualized support.

Most teachers work in a traditional classroom setting. This could be at a public, private, or charter school. Teachers usually work during a school year, and spend the summer months preparing for the next year. Additionally, teachers may be responsible for various after school meetings and events throughout the school year.

Education & Training

In most states, a teaching job requires a Bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate in the specific content area and grade level. Therefore, it is important that your teaching resume emphasizes these achievements.

Each state has specific requirements for a teaching certificate and this always includes some form of student teaching–a period of time where you teach with an experienced teacher to learn about the job. There is more to being a teacher than the degree. Teachers are caring individuals who have a passion for helping their students. Therefore, your teaching resume should reflect these traits.

Getting a Teacher Job

There are thousands of schools out there, so many teaching jobs become available throughout the school year! Teachers make, on average, $52,000 a year for about ten months of work. With the right training, you can be ready to begin this career in no time. You can even take a look at our sample teacher resume below for guidance in creating a professional teacher resume. Start searching for a job today, so that you are one step closer to your dream teaching career!

Teacher Resume Questions

1. How do you write an objective statement for a teacher resume?

In most cases, you do not want to write an objective statement on your resume; instead, you should utilize a summary statement. Since this section is the one hiring recruiters most likely read, it is crucial that you create a strong one.

To write this section, focus on your most valuable accomplishments and qualifications. Then, in roughly three sentences or bullet points, bring together your experience and market yourself to potential employees. Review our teacher resume sample to get ideas on how to write yours.

2. How long should a teacher resume be?

Most hiring managers spend roughly six seconds skimming a resume before deciding whether a candidate is worth an interview. Therefore, you do not want your resume to become too lengthy. In general, it is best to stay within one or two pages. If you have limited experience (fewer than 10 years), you should limit your resume to just one page.

There is no need to be exhaustive about your work experience and history; you can share more in the interview if necessary. Our teacher resume sample will provide additional ideas on how to keep your resume short and sweet.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a teacher resume?

When you list soft skills on your resume, such as being a team player, you run the risk of entering cliché territory. It is best to demonstrate these skills and experience in your work experience section through describing the work you did.

For example, include how many other people you worked with on a particular project. Discuss collaborations with other teachers, such as creating the curriculum for the semester. Tell how you worked with the other members of your faculty to provide value to the school in some way, such as developing a new program that raised average grades or decreased drop-out rates.

4. How do you write the experience section of your teacher resume?

Your experience section should chronicle your work history while also demonstrating the skills, accomplishments, and qualifications you gained along the way. Focus your resume on the most relevant jobs you have held in the past 10 to 15 years.

When you describe your work history, do not simply include your job duties; incorporate your accomplishments. Use this space to detail unique experiences and the value you provided to the schools at which you taught. Use as many facts and numbers as you can to demonstrate the impact of your work and the value you provided. Look at our teacher resume sample to learn more.

5. How do you optimize your teacher resume for an ATS?

To optimize your resume for companies that use automated tracking systems to weed out undesirable candidates, make sure to tailor your resume to each job for which you apply. Start with a clean and simple format that allows for programs to scan and read it.

Then, review the job description and determine the important keywords and phrases it contains. Incorporate the relevant skills and qualifications on your resume using the same phrasing. Create a separate skills section so you can incorporate as many matching skills as possible. Make it easier by starting with our customized resume builder.

Cheers to you for studying the Teacher resume sample! See our Teacher cover letter sample to finish your application.

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Resume Text

Mateo Juarez

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337
E-Mail: example-email@example.com


Attentive Middle School Math Teacher with excellent communication skills. Organized and driven with the innate ability to stay on task. Uses effective and efficient methods of teaching while focusing on the individual needs of each student.


Lesson planning expertise
Academic performance evaluations
IEP familiarity
Resource management
Standardized testing

Common core knowledge
MS Office proficient
Bilingual in Spanish and English
Verbal crisis prevention intervention
Conflict resolution skill


March 2007 to Current
Red Mountain Middle School New Cityland, CA
Math Teacher

Conduct small group and individual classroom activities with students based on differentiated learning needs to ensure all students are learning at full potential.
Participate in ongoing staff training sessions.
Organize parent-teacher conferences to maximize student learning opportunities and develop forward-thinking plans to correct ongoing issues.
Employ assessment tools and proactive strategies to improve instruction methods.
Spearhead after school math tutoring initiatives to improve student grades.

September 2002 to February 2007
Governor Schwarzenegger Middle School New Cityland, CA
Math Teacher

Attended a variety of professional development workshops centered on learning goals, classroom management, student motivation, and engaging learning activities.
Facilitated activities that developed students’ physical, emotional and social growth.
Encouraged students to be understanding with others.
Used the positive reinforcement method to redirect poor behavior.
Assigned lessons and corrected homework.
Worked with an average of 28 students per class.


2002 Western Professional University New Cityland, CA
Bachelor of Arts Mathematics (5-12)

Top 3% of class
Darning Academic Achievement Award


Credentialed Teacher, State of California
Foundation-Level Mathematics Credential


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