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Get ready to take the next step in your career and create an eye-catching high school teacher resume to send to potential employers. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we can help! Follow this guide to create a polished resume for a high school teacher position that showcases your knowledge and instructional abilities. 

High School Teacher Resume Template Customize this resume

Start by editing this high school teacher resume template, or explore our library of customizable resume templates to find the best one for you.

High school teacher resume sample (text version)

Kelsey Stevens

Bridgeport, CT 06610


  • Staff development 
  • Technology integration 
  • College preparation 
  • SMART Boards 
  • Positive reinforcement 
  • Common Core standards 
  • Classroom preparation and maintenance 
  • Grading assignments 
  • Lesson implementation 

Professional Summary

Knowledgeable educator with over 10 years of experience providing educational guidance and mentorship to all types of students. Shifts teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students’ needs. Caring and enthusiastic and eager to parlay teaching expertise into a new position. 

Work History

July 2017 – Current
Clarabridge Academy – New Haven, CT
High School Spanish Teacher

  • Integrate technology into the classroom as an instructional tool, such as Smartboards. 
  • Diversify teaching techniques and learning tools to help 60 students with differing ability levels and varied learning modalities. 
  • Use tests, quizzes and other assignments to gauge students’ learning and determine understanding of course materials. 

February 2012 – May 2017
East Hartford High School – East Hartford, CT
High School Teacher

  • Talked with students in need of extra attention and assisted with concerns, improving academic progress by 45%. 
  • Met and exceeded class-wide achievement and proficiency standards as established by state testing departments. 
  • Used computers, audiovisual aids and other equipment to supplement presentations. 

July 2009 – January 2012
Mills Community College – Mills Community College
Teaching Assistant

  • Supported instructor with test administration, curriculum development and assignment grading for 40 students. 
  • Worked with individual students to provide personalized educational, behavioral and emotional support. 
  • Completed and filed all necessary paperwork for classroom activities, including meal count sheets and attendance logs. 


University of Connecticut Storrs, CT
Bachelor of Arts Education


Secondary Teacher Education Certification – Connecticut Department of Education Bureau of Certification 

5 essentials of a top high school teacher resume

  1. Contact details

    Create an accurate and up-to-date contact section so hiring managers can contact you for an interview. As our high school teacher resume sample shows, you should include your full name, city, state and ZIP code, followed by your phone number and email address. Finally, add a professional website, LinkedIn profile or any other professional networking profile if you have one.

  2. Personal statement

    A personal statement, also known as a professional summary, is a concise, three- to five-sentence statement that tells the hiring manager who you are and what you offer. Your resume summary must include job-relevant skills and one or two notable accomplishments. It should also touch on how long you have been in the teaching field. If you are applying for your first job or changing careers, consider using a resume objective instead.

  3. Skills

    Create a compelling skills section so hiring managers can see what you can accomplish and how you work with others. Add your job-relevant skills to a bulleted list, making them easy to scan. It is best to include both hard skills, like lesson planning and assignment grading, and soft skills, such as communication and adaptability. If this is your first job as a high school teacher, include transferable skills from previous employment or student teaching jobs.

  4. Work history

    Whether this is your first job in this role or you have been at it for decades, a resume for a high school teacher must include a section to display your job history. In reverse-chronological order, show your current and previous employers and provide school and company names, locations and the dates you worked for them. Include three bullet points of measurable achievements for every job you list.

  5. Education

    As you can see in our sample high school teacher resume, it is essential to include an education section in your document. In reverse-chronological order, use bullet points to display the schools’ names and the years you graduated. If it has been more than a decade since you left college, you can leave out the date. Remember to include any training or classes you have completed since graduating too.

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Do’s and don’ts for building a high school teacher resume

  • Use measurable achievements to describe your abilities and experience as a high school teacher.
  • Use action words to make an impact on your high school teacher resume.
  • Tailor your resume to your target teaching job.
  • Use keywords from the job description throughout your high school teacher resume.
  • Format your high school teacher resume so that it is easy to read by ATS software and human eyes.
  • Lie about your teaching experience and skills.
  • Boast that you are the “most effective high school teacher in the country.”
  • Include irrelevant personal information, such as your ethnicity and age.
  • Add skills and experience that do not align with a teaching role.
  • Forget to proofread. A high school teacher resume with errors is unprofessional.

Top 4 tips for acing a high school teacher interview

  1. Research the school.

    It is vital to take the time to learn about the school’s history, goals, values and people before the interview. Showing that you have in-depth knowledge about a potential employer conveys interest, passion and commitment — traits that make a desirable candidate.

  2. Practice at home.

    Practice does make perfect. To prepare for your interview, start by reviewing the most common interview questions, such as: 

    Write down two or three possible answers for each question, then practice answering them with a friend or family member. Once done, ask your interview partner for feedback and work with them to improve your answers, tone and body language. Being prepared will help you have a smoother interview experience.

  3. Prepare questions for your interview.

    An interview goes both ways. Always have at least three questions for each person you speak with during the interview process to show that you are interested and have been paying close attention.

    Here are a few examples of questions you might want to ask:

    • What are the expectations for this role?
    • How do you currently measure the performance of teachers working here?
    • What tools and technologies do you provide to improve classroom management and teaching? 

    Remember to ask open-ended questions and to give the interviewer time to answer before moving on to the next question.

  4. Prepare references.

    Have professional references ready before your interview — you never know if the hiring manager might want to contact them immediately. Ask a former manager and two former colleagues who can speak about your performance as a teacher and who you know will cast you in a positive light.

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