As you are working on your resume, you may wonder if you are doing it correctly. Are you including all the pertinent information? Will your resume stand out from everyone else’s? Because you want to be sure your resume is eye-catching, choose a resume template and use this ESL teacher resume example as a guide. It can help you to know what sections to include. In addition, the tips below offer details on writing the summary statement, skills section, work experience section, and education section.

Georgia Lane

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated ESL teacher focused on providing an innovative, fun, and inspiring classroom. Track record of encouraging students to master English while also nurturing their love of the language. Committed to finding new methods to get better results and improve the ESL program.

  • Adept at managing a large number of students in a classroom to ensure effective learning
  • Proficient in developing activities, tools, and methods to help students learn English in different and unique ways
  • Superior skills in bridging the gap between Spanish and English
  • Excellent ability to connect with students and encourage them to excel
  • Dedicated to helping students master English despite learning disabilities or other challenges
  • Ability to work with students individually or in groups to increase language development


Work Experience
ESL Teacher                                                                                     2010 – Present
Company Name


  • Create lesson plans, including developing assignments, activities, and projects, and scheduling special events.
  • Teach five classes each day with an average of 25 students each, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Use technology to develop interactive teaching activities.
  • Encourage students to use English in their daily lives to increase proficiency.
  • Work with students during planning period to help them catch up or tackle topics they are struggling with.
  • Develop special events to help students showcase their newly acquired language skills.
  • Created an ESL newsletter that comes out monthly and provides fun information to encourage the practice of English outside the classroom.


Spanish Teacher                                                                                2003 – 2010


Company Name

  • Developed lesson plans for five classes at different levels of proficiency.
  • Created activities and assignments to encourage and assist students with language acquisition.
  • Encouraged students through special events and fun activities.
  • Used technology to make learning Spanish fun.
  • Worked with students who were falling behind to bring them on level with the rest of the class.
  • Took students on the yearly trip to Spain to immerse them in Spanish culture.




State of Colorado Teacher’s License                                                     current


Colorado Department of Education
Dual Master of Arts in Spanish and English                                               2006
Big Sky College

ESL Teacher Resume Questions

How do you write an objective statement for an ESL teacher resume?

While some applicants may remember a different norm, most of today’s resumes should not feature an objective statement. Instead, take your cue from our ESL teacher resume sample, which starts with a professional summary.

What is the difference between these two approaches? A professional summary statement focuses on the main qualifications the applicant brings to the position, rather than leading with the applicant’s goals.

In a few specific cases, an objective can still make sense. If you are a recent graduate or attempting a substantial career change, you may want to briefly explain why you want this position.

How long should an ESL teacher resume be?

You may have heard the conventional wisdom that dictates a one-page length for all resumes. Treating this as a flexible guideline instead of a hard-and-fast rule can help you include everything you need while keeping an eye out for excessive verbiage. As our resume examples show, one page often will suffice, but you do not want to leave off information employers should really know.

Resume length may not always correlate with the amount of experience. While the candidate in our ESL teacher resume sample has 15 years of experience, she has held only two positions during this time, both of which she is able to describe in one page. On the other hand, a less-experienced applicant may need to discuss a greater number of positions or have other information that could take up more space. Choosing the best resume format for your experience and skill level will help ensure your resume is the concise but thorough.

 What format should your ESL teacher resume be in?

As a general rule, sending your resume in PDF format is a safe option. You can easily save your file to PDF without losing formatting, and most employers will have no problem opening it no matter what type of system they use. Employers who prefer a different format will usually state so in their application instruction; read the job posting carefully so you don’t miss this detail.

How do you write the experience section of your ESL teacher resume?

Some applicants hesitate between throwing in every single thing they ever did at work and summarizing their entire experience in one general phrase. An effective experience section strikes a balance between these two extremes.

Aim for about six bullet points listing major job responsibilities and strong action verbs, present essential details such as the number of classes, and incorporate a range of duties that fully reflect the candidate’s skills and experiences.

How do you write the qualifications section of an ESL teacher resume?

The qualification, or skills, section of your resume should contain a fairly short list of core skills. The job posting you respond to should serve as your top resource here: use the exact wording you find in the listing’s description of requirements and applicable preferences. For help with phrasing for additional qualifications, use our customized resume builder. This section should have between five and eight bullet points.

15 Tips to Write Your ESL Teacher Resume

Summary Statement

  1. Use only three bullet points or sentences to create this section in order to keep it focused and concise.
  2. Make sure that you state “years of experience” or “years’ experience” and not “year’s experience.” Simple grammar errors like this can bring down the overall impact of your resume.
  3. Focus on your most important attributes that show you can do the job well, such as was done in the ESL teacher resume example.
  4. Avoid the urge to use tired and generic terms. Instead, try to make everything you say descriptive and distinct.

Skills Section

  1.  Use exact key terms from the job description in this section.
  2. Listing vague skills won’t impress a hiring manager. You should be descriptive, like in the ESL teacher resume template for Word.
  3. Keep the entries as short as possible, to be concise. In any case, Don’t put periods at the end.

Work Experience Section

  1.  Entries should start with verbs. Make sure they are strong action verbs.
  2. Make your experience stand out by including metrics wherever you can.
  3. Use bullet-point lists, because they are easier to scan than paragraphs.
  4. You want to keep things current, so Don’t include employment that was more than 15 years ago unless you have been in the same position your whole career or need the older experience to highlight the skills needed for this job.
  5. Keep entries minimal when it comes to information about the employer. Do not include names of supervisors or wages earned.

Education Section

  1.  You shouldn’t mention high school if you went to college, and be sure to keep all other education related to the job for which you are applying.
  2.  Don’t forget to include any professional development or other non-college training in this section that relates to the job for which you are applying.
  3.  You can create a different section for licenses or certifications or include them in this section, as was done in the ESL teacher resume template for Word.


Writing your resume shouldn’t be a difficult task. Ideally it should be something that you can easily do without stressing out. By using the ESL teacher resume example, you can eliminate the stress and help ensure that your resume is going to come out great. Following the tips can also help to polish things up and put your best foot forward. Once you have a standout resume, the next step is getting that interview and landing the job.

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