Event Specialist Resume Sample


Event Specialist Resume Sample

Job Description & Duties

An event specialist is responsible for the planning and implementation of meetings and events while staying within budget. This individual manages and negotiates with vendors and is responsible for all communication with attendees. They also coordinate with speakers, provide logistical details and prepare speaking notes. The selection of all food and beverage and preparation of contracts for that service are the responsibility of the event specialist. In order to do the job successfully, an event specialist needs to be able to develop vendor relationships, prepare a project time-line, and insure compliance of all parties. The ability to focus on details is essential. At the conclusion of an event, the specialist prepares an event expenditure report and processes all invoices.

Education & Training Requirements

Education requirements differ from company to company, but large corporations usually prefer candidates with a degree in a related field, like marketing, public relations or hospitality. If a candidate is lacking a degree but comes with experience and solid contacts in the industry, including hospitality, food service, entertainment and even printing, they will likely be a strong candidate. Attending conferences is a good way to observe what works and what doesn’t. You can make contacts and even come up with some new ideas to use in the future.

Salary Range

The mean salary for event specialists in large organizations is $55,250. In other industries, like securities and commodities, telecommunication carriers, aerospace or investment funds, the mean ranges from $71,720 to $90,420 depending on the industry. As you approach potential employers about an event specialist position, be prepared to show your credentials. A degree alone won’t get you the job, and the lack of one won’t necessarily disqualify you. Show you experience in your resume. If they’re looking for an event planner, list the events you been successfully involved in or responsible for. If you’re just entering the event planning arena, be open to an assistant position, which will give you the training and experience you need to move up to event specialist. Your resume should focus on your successes, experience and your ability to juggle more that a few balls at once. The sample resume below can get you started.

Event Specialist Resume Questions

1. How do you make an event specialist resume for a first job?

If you want to get your first job, you need to focus on your skills and education more than your experience. Show hiring managers the skills you have that will make you successful by discussing your volunteer work, classroom experiences, and hobbies. You can expand on your education by showcasing any academic awards you won. Even with little to no experience, you can still use this document to make yourself a clear candidate.

2. How do you list schools in an event specialist resume?

Pointing out your education can help set you apart from other candidates. If you attended multiple schools for a single degree, you may wonder how you can list your institutions. Similarly, if you have multiple degrees, you may need a little extra help creating this section. You can turn to the event specialist resume sample for inspiration.

When it comes to listing schools, you only need to mention the ones you actually got a degree from. If you attended two schools while pursuing your bachelor’s degree, you only need to list the one you actually graduated from. This section should go in a reverse-chronological order, which means your most recent degrees should be at the top. As you list schools, put your degree and study information first. Then, list out the name and location of the school.

3. How do you write an objective statement for an event specialist resume?

Most resumes, including the event specialist resume sample, use a summary statement in place of the objective statement. The summary showcases your experiences, skills, and accomplishments. The objective points out why you want the job. Most employers prefer a summary because it better emphasizes what makes you a good employee.

However, this doesn’t mean the objective statement should never get used. Recent graduates and career changers may find the objective statement is appropriate for their resumes. If you want to create this opening paragraph, give a brief description of yourself professionally before explaining why you want this position. Try to include details that make your professional qualifications clear.

4. How many skills should you put on an event specialist resume?

Hiring managers often want to find applicants with certain skills. While you want to show off how qualified you are, you also need to avoid creating an overly long document. Finding the happy medium between giving too much information and not enough is an important part of resume creation. When it comes to your skills or qualifications section, you should try to include between seven and eight skills. If you break this section into multiple columns, you can include seven or eight skills in each column.

5. What format should your event specialist resume be in?

As you pick out a format for your resume, you need to think about the employer. Some may want to see professionalism while others are more interested in creativity. Using a traditional, simple format points out professionalism. You can show off your creativity by using a modern, colorful format. Use the event specialist resume sample as a guide for a professional-looking document. If you need more help, our resume builder can give you step-by-step instructions.

Congrats on mastering the writing of your Event Specialist resume. Easily create the perfect cover letter to round out your application materials by using our Event Specialist cover letter sample.

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Resume Text

Reese Tran

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337
E-Mail: example-email@example.com


Creative and outgoing Event Specialist with both hands-on and coordination experience in event management. Innovative, motivational leader able to deliver exceptional events that engage customers and drive sales growth. Proactive and resourceful with superb work ethic.


Project management
Strategic planning
Team leadership
Sales coaching
Administrative oversight

Marketing and promotion
Contract negotiation
Vendor coordination
Willing to travel
Flexible schedule


November 2010 to Current
JP Jenkins Furniture Stores New Cityland, CA
Event Specialist

Develop both large and small in-store, home shows, and off-site events.
Oversee development meetings, planning, and execution of all events.
Supervise teams of up to 100 professionals to set up and produce events.
Manage all timelines, staff duties, and event budgets.
Work with business owners, sales professionals, and vendors to ensure optimal completion of tasks, deliver inventory to stock booths, and answer to customer demand for popular items.
Implement marketing strategies to promote events via traditional and social media means.
Follow up event with reports detailing successful product lines and sales strategies.

June 2007 to October 2011
TD Marketing New Cityland, CA
Event Demonstration Specialist

Demonstrated products at sales and marketing consumer events around California.
Set up, stocked, and arranged displays in an appealing manner.
Quickly learned new products and developed strategies for effective demonstration and customer engagement to drive sales.
Created brand awareness and enthusiasm in every customer.
Ran both one-on-one and mobile presentations, approaching customers to directly showcase products and complete demonstrations to solicit orders.
Coordinated with management and other specialists to implement new and improved strategies for sales.


2010 Porter College Porter, CA
Bachelor of Arts Marketing

Coursework in Digital Marketing, Supply Chain, and Advertising
Martha McNabb Academic Achievement Award