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Payroll Specialist Cover Letter Example

Payroll Specialist Job Description

Payroll specialists work to make sure that employees are being compensated accurately. They input data and payroll information into spreadsheets and assure that checks are delivered on time. Additional work may also be done for taxes, employee leave, or other issues involving pay schedules. The work of a payroll specialist is done primarily on a computer in an office setting, though many different types of businesses have this position.

Education & Training Requirements

To become a payroll specialist, you will need a high school diploma. Training is usually done during the first few weeks of the job. However, any previous experience could be helpful in getting the job. So, it is very important you describe your relevant experience on your payroll specialist cover letter. Due to the nature of the job, a pay roll specialist should be very organized and good with numbers. This position also requires attention to detail. It is helpful to an employer if you explain that you have these traits in your cover letter.

Getting a Payroll Specialist Job

Job Most payroll specialists make an average of $36,330 a year. This is equivalent to about $17.46 an hour. One great thing about this position is that almost all businesses have a pay roll specialist. So, you have a great chance of finding a job! All you need to do is get your pay roll specialist cover letter together. You can even look over our sample cover letter below for help.

Payroll Specialist Cover Letter Sample