Seeking a new job can be a daunting task, but if you take the time to craft a resume targeted to the specific job, you can get the medical records specialist position you want. Keep in mind that this is the employer’s first impression of you, so be sure to list all of your skills and accomplishments as they relate to the job.

Take note: Your medical records specialist resume should include important highlights, such as your experience in records management, document assessment, filing, and time management. Also make sure you address your abilities as they relate to the description of the job you’re applying for. These are all skills an employer will look for when filling this position, so make it easy to find the information by putting it in an organized list.

Study our medical records specialist resume examples and follow the basic format while writing yours.

medical records specialist resume sample


Medical Records Specialist Resume Questions

1. What technical skills should you put on a medical records specialist resume?

Many of the technical skills required for a medical records specialist revolve around maintaining the medical charts for the facility, hospital or other healthcare practice. Be sure to use a resume format that allows you to list the most important skills on your resume. For a jumping-off point, review the job description to see some of the crucial required skills.

Include those that apply to your own background and qualifications. Some general ideas of key skills include electronic medical record systems, database software, medical terms, medical coding, and Microsoft Office. Review our medical records specialist resume sample for more ideas.

2. How long should a medical records specialist resume be?

As with many other professions, the ideal length for a medical records specialist resume is one to two pages. Those who have worked for fewer than 10 years should stick to a one page resume template, while professionals with more extensive experience may find they require the second page.

There is no need to include every job you have held, especially those older than about 15 years. Review our medical records specialist resume sample to see more examples of how to create a strong but concise resume.

3. How do you make a medical records specialist resume for a first job?

As an entry-level candidate, create a strong and competitive resume through stressing your abilities rather than your experience with a functional resume. This format begins with a summary and includes a lengthy skills section that you can divide into different categories, such as technical skills and soft skills.

For example, draw attention to your coding abilities, familiarity with records systems, previous work with database management and practice you have with other computer programs, especially Microsoft Office or Google Suite. If you do have previous work experience, you can create a hybrid format.

4. How can you highlight team experience on a medical records specialist resume?

In many positions, employers expect you to work well with others. Rather than simply writing teamwork as one of your soft skills, demonstrate your ability to collaborate in the bullet points in your work experience section.

For example, describe an instance where you worked with the IT department to institute a new records system for a seamless transition. This not only shows that you work well with others but also demonstrates some of your accomplishments at your previous jobs. Look at our medical records specialist resume sample for more ideas.

5. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a medical records specialist resume?

For the most part, you want to stick to between three and six bullet points under each of your work experience examples. If you have only worked in one position, then you might include more bullet points.

One way to keep to this number is to not worry about including every single duty or task you have undertaken in your position. Instead, focus on your accomplishments and duties unique to the position. For example, rather than stating that you filed records, detail the way in which you instituted a new record-keeping system that improved performance by 20%. Use our step-by-step resume builder to create a stellar resume with the right amount of bullet points.

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Resume Text

April Miller

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Reliable Medical Records Specialist who can bring organized and efficient management to medical documentation. Proficient at identifying and retrieving patient medical records, reconciling discrepancies and reviewing documents, and coordinating with doctors to provide proper records. Specialize in producing reports on medical center statistics and demographics.


  • Record maintenance
  • Document review
  • Retrieval and coordination
  • Filing
  • Record availability
  • Dedicated
  • Detail oriented
  • Time management

Work Experience

July 2009 to January 2015 Company Name — City, State Medical Records Specialist

  • Managed medical records and documents, inputted information into internal database, retrieved and relayed information to practitioners
  • Coordinated with practitioners and medical providers to ensure document availability
  • Interpreted coded medical data, transferred files digitally, reviewed and completed insufficient medical records

October 2004 to June 2009 Company Name — City, State Medical Records Specialist

  • Identified patient records, retrieved records or medical documentation, relayed information to medical practitioners
  • Reviewed medical documents, reconciled contradictions or mistakes in records
  • Prepared statistical reports incorporating demographics and medical documentation to determine hospital population and optimize care

April 2000 to September 2004 Company Name — City, State Medical Records Specialist

  • Maintained and monitored the status of patient records and medical history, including internal database
  • Processed and organized incoming documentation for new patients
  • Coordinated with doctors to ensure the delivery or reception of proper medical documentation, facilitated record availability 


1999 Arizona Western College, City, State AAS in Administrative Record Keeping