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Resume Templates: Social Worker


Looking for a new job can be overwhelming, so put some time into crafting the best resume possible to help land a position as a CCTV Installer. Think of your resume as a way to get your foot in the door by showing your skills and accomplishments in the field of closed circuit television installation.

Take note: You’ll need to list your understanding of closed circuit TV systems, knack for testing, experience with troubleshooting, and ability to teach customers how to use their new equipment. Read the job description and tailor your resume to the employer’s needs. It helps to include this information in bulleted points so employers won’t have to hunt for it in your resume.

Take a look at our resume template for CCTV installers to help guide you through the process of writing your own.

Resume Templates: Social Worker

Social Worker Resume Questions

1. How do you format a social worker resume?

Generally speaking, you can have a resume that focuses on your skill set or your work experiences. A resume that focuses on transferable skills is a functional resume. It is preferable for applicants who have limited work experience, which is why that section typically comes more toward the bottom of the resume and will take up less space.

You can also have a chronological resume, which focuses more on work history than skills. This type of resume is for people who have spent years in the workforce and want to stay within the same industry. Our social worker resume sample is a chronological resume because more space goes toward the work experience section.

2. How do you write the header of a social worker resume?

Your heading needs to include your name, phone number, and email address. Although our social worker resume sample has a physical address, you do not need to put one if you are uncomfortable giving out your address to strangers. However, these days, it has become acceptable to include a link to your social media profile, such as LinkedIn, if you want to provide more information about your background.

3. How should you present software knowledge on a social worker resume?

Social workers should be familiar with certain types of software, including editing, information presentation, medical, and desktop publishing. Social workers often work at computers for hours at a time, so you should be comfortable working with different operating systems. This knowledge should go in the skills section of your resume. You want to be as specific as possible and mention the exact software you know how to use.

4. How can you highlight team experience on a social worker resume?

One of the most important skills a social worker can have is to be able to work well with others. This is critical both in working with acquaintances and patients.

Many applicants simply list “Team player” in the skills section. However, you can take your application to the next level by discussing times you worked as part of a team in the work history section. This is a more detailed statement than simply saying you are a team player. As a result, it will stand out more in the reader’s mind.

5. How do you list certifications on your social worker resume?

Jobseekers can list certifications in the education alongside a degree. Social workers will need at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. After graduation, people need to obtain various licenses throughout the years. Social workers will obtain an initial license, but as they gain more experience, they can receive a master and clinical license. These professionals also need to renew their licenses on a regular basis, so you should include when you last got your license renewed. This allows a hiring manager to know whether your license is up-to-date. Show a hiring manager how much you want this new job by using our resume builder to create the perfect document for your application.

Now that you have a compelling resume, it’s time to pair it with a masterful Social Worker cover letter. These expertly written samples give you the head start to launch your new career.

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Resume Text

Helen Mudrock 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234 Summary Dedicated, empathetic professional with a strong work ethic who has managed the art of handling a large case load by efficiently devoting a measured amount of time to each client and referring them to agencies for assistance. Good listener, detail oriented, and regularly follows-up with clients to ensure action has been taken on their behalf. Intercedes when necessary. Highlights
  • Strong relationship building with various city and county agencies
  • Performs regular client updates in tracking system
  • Good listener
  • Non-judgmental
  • Empathetic
  • Community outreach program involvement
Work Experience June 2010 to May 2015 New Parkland County Job and Family Services Social Worker
  • Helped clients navigate the social service resources available to them.
  • Provided information about job training, job counseling and daycare options.
  • Provided access to drug and alcohol treatment programs when a need was indicated.
  • Directed clients to low-income housing or food assistance programs.
June 2006 to May 2010 Cityland County Community Health Partners Social Worker
  • Worked with patients to help them identify and address their needs.
  • Arranged for temporary housing to enable parents to stay with a hospitalized child.
  • Assisted in the application process for various assistance programs.
  • Counseled patients on long-term care options.
Education 2010 University of Southern California, Irvine Master of Science, Social Work 2006 Certification by the State of California 2006 University of Southern California, Irvine Bachelor of Science, Social Work