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Browse our selection of resume templates below, and find a resume that fits your job-search needs. Whether you want a resume template that's traditional and timeless, or you're looking for a bolder template to help you stand out, MyPerfectResume's resume templates will help you get hired faster.

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  • Alternative Resume Templates

  • If none of the templates catch your eye, an alternative resume template is a great way to stand out.

  • Creative Resume Templates

  • The job market is flooded with viable candidates, making the creative resume template an excellent option for those looking to distinguish themselves from the competition.

  • Pacific Resume Templates

  • For job seekers in the healing and personal services industry, a pacific resume template invokes the sense of tranquility associated with these professions.

  • Designer Resume Templates

  • Make a splash with an artistic Designer resume template that demonstrates your creativity.

  • Executive Resume Templates

  • Looking to nab a senior role with a thriving company? An effective execute resume template highlights your managerial successes.

  • Professor Resume Templates

  • A well-designed professor resume template showcases a candidate's education and research experience.

  • Conservative Resume Templates

  • Want your resume to speak for itself? A conservative resume template is a simplified form of the traditional template, effectively conveying your experience in a concise manner.

  • Traditional Resume Templates

  • A traditional resume template showcases your strengths and experience in an easy-to-read format.