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Room Attendant Cover Letter Example

Room Attendant Cover Letter

Room attendants are a critical component of the customer experience and hiring managers know it. Your cover letter should demonstrate that you know the most important aspect of your job is making the guest’s stay comfortable and pleasant. Room attendants are responsible for bedding and ensuring guests have soap, toilet paper, fresh towels, shampoo, and, if applicable, clean drinking glasses, coffee, and toothpaste. They must always remember they represent the brand and act accordingly. Hiring managers need to see that you can be friendly, courteous, and professional under the most stressful situations.


Room attendants need to maintain a professional and neat appearance. You have to be a team player, collaborating with colleagues to get unexpected tasks completed in a timely manner. Hiring managers are going to want you to know how to use chemical cleaning agents. They will expect a working knowledge of cleaning equipment. You should also be in reasonable shape as you’re going to spend long periods of time on your feet moving, lifting, and carrying objects. As they will be trusted to go into guest rooms, room attendants have to be trustworthy. Make sure your letter highlights that you are honest and capable of maintaining the hotel’s reputation.

Salary Range

Pay scale for room attendants will vary. The median per hour salary is around 11 dollars an hour. Annual salaries will be in the vicinity of 17,000 dollars. Sample Room Attendant Cover Letter Use the sample room attendant cover letter below to tailor yours. It contains the components any hiring manager will be looking for in a candidate. You can definitely construct an appealing, effective, and brief representation of your qualifications for the job.

Room Attendant Cover Letter Sample