Finding a new job isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but if you have a well written resume, you can land the LPN position you want. First impressions do count in the competitive field of medicine, so take advantage of this by emphasizing your education, skills, experience, and accomplishments in your resume, the first document the employer receives from you.

Take note: Make sure you mention your current certification and credentials, as well as your most recent job experience. Let the employer see that your knowledge is current and that you are enthusiastic about continuing education. Include any pertinent skills listed in the job description, such as medication administration, patient care planning, and dedication to the field of medicine.

Study our LPN resume templates and follow the basic format as you write your own.

lpn resume sample


LPN Resume Questions

1. How do you highlight soft skills on an LPN resume?

Soft skills are an important part of the medical profession, so emphasize them on your resume by including one or two in your summary statement. Notice in our LPN resume sample the jobseeker mentions creating a comfortable environment, an excellent way to show her compassionate nature.

You can also showcase soft skills in your work experience. If you communicated with families, worked on a medical team to coordinate care, or used critical problem-solving skills on the job, include these responsibilities as bullet points under employment.

2. How do you write the qualifications section of an LPN resume?

List your qualifications and skills in the highlights section. Use a bulleted list of five to eight items with brief statements. Read the job description and match your skillset with the job requirements as best as you are able. For example, if the position is looking for someone who has experience taking medical histories and you entered histories into databases, include this with your job responsibilities.

In addition to the patient-care aspects of nursing, such as administering medicine to patients, you can mention computer knowledge, organizational skills, and qualities such as dedication and leadership. Consider what the employer wants to see and try to include it.

3. What does a good LPN resume look like?

High-quality resumes are easy to read at first glance, as shown by our LPN resume sample. A hiring manager only spends an average of six seconds glancing through each resume, so you need to pack a punch by creating a clean, well-organized document. Place your name and contact information at the top, followed by your professional summary, highlights, work experience, and education. Begin each section with a bold heading and use neatly aligned bullet points to enumerate your skills, achievements, and responsibilities.

4. How do you optimize your LPN resume for an ATS?

Many employers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen resumes before the hiring managers sees them. This computer program scans resumes, looking for keywords. To make sure your document has a chance to pass this screening, make the format as clean and simple as possible. Avoid graphics or logos that are difficult for the computer to read. Find the important keywords in the job description and include them in your resume, particularly in the highlights and work experiences sections.

5. How do you make an LPN resume for a first job?

If you have no LPN experience, make the most of the job experience you do have by showcasing the skills that are transferrable. If you worked as a barista and earned accolades for customer service, put it down. Making customers happy relates well to making patients happy.

Also, consider writing a resume objective rather than a professional summary. The objective statement gives you the opportunity to explain why you want to work as an LPN and what your goals in this career field are. For more ideas, see our LPN resume sample, or try our resume builder for personalized assistance.


To sell yourself to employers, you need both a fantastic resume and cover letter. Turn to our LPN cover letter example for help making the latter.

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Resume Text

April Jonson

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Passionate LPN who can bring dedication and energy to the task of providing comprehensive patient care and creating a comfortable patient environment. Skilled at monitoring and sterilizing medical equipment, coordinating with doctors to provide basic patient care, and completing patient status assessments. Specialize in coordinating between patients and families to facilitate communication and optimize care.


  • Medication administration
  • Medical history assessment
  • Data entry and retrieval
  • Patient analysis
  • Patient planning
  • Dedicated
  • Hard working

Work Experience

May 2009 to February 2015 Company Name — City, State LPN

  • Maintained and organized medical documentation and patient information
  • Entered patient information into internal database and updated information periodically
  • Assisted doctors in the development of comprehensive individualized care plans

January 2005 to April 2009 Company Name — City, State LPN

  • Monitored patient status and health, updated status charts and relayed information to doctors
  • Conducted patient interviews upon admittance to determine medical history
  • Monitored the status of medical equipment, sterilized equipment and tested before undergoing procedures

May 2000 to December 2004 Company Name — City, State LPN

  • Admitted new residents to medical wing, assessed new residents and assisted doctors in determining care plans
  • Assigned and delegated duties to nursing team, coordinating with doctors to optimize care
  • Analyzed medical histories for new residents and incorporated information into care plan development 


1999 University of Arizona, City, State Bachelor of Science in Nursing