Labor Delivery Nurse Resume Examples & Templates

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: December 08, 2022
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Helping to bring a new baby into the world is a truly rewarding experience. In order to procure this highly coveted healthcare position, you need a noteworthy resume that markets your nursing skill sets. As with all nursing positions, education is vital. So, make sure to include your education as well as degrees and licenses. Highlight essential labor and delivery nurse qualities in your resume summary. Hospitals and birthing centers want compassionate nurses with excellent decision-making and critical thinking skills. Engaging communication skills are a plus too. Writing a resume isn’t as painful or lengthy as labor though it can feel that way sometimes. Reading through our labor and delivery nurse resume examples may assist in making the resume-writing process a bit less harrowing.

labor and delivery nurse resume template


Labor and Delivery Nurse Resume Questions

1. How should you structure your labor and delivery nurse resume?

The best resume format depends on whether you have more experience or education in the field. If you’re just starting out, use a functional resume format that puts your skills, qualifications, certifications, and education “above the fold.” If you are an experienced labor and delivery nurse, save the education section for last and focus on your work experience section in a reverse chronological resume format like the labor and delivery nurse resume sample. Regardless of which format you choose, a strong professional summary statement and skills section will gain the reader’s attention.

2. How long should a labor and delivery nurse resume be?

Asking how long should a resume be is a tricky question. You want it to be long enough to prove your value and experience but not so long that the hiring manager won’t have time to skim it and so decide to skip it altogether. For the best results, use our resume builder to make a resume that is about a page long. This is enough space for you to be thorough in your skills, work, and education sections without going overboard on information. Remember to be concise to get the most out of your space.

3. How can you make your labor and delivery nurse resume stand out?

To make your resume stand out, you need to make yourself stand out. Think about your biggest accomplishment in your field and mention the most significant one in your professional summary, as this is the first part of the document the reader will see.

When writing your work experience section, focus on quantitative information, such as how many patients you cared for at a time or how many babies you helped to deliver in a single day. Did you find ways to streamline work for other nurses or to make the doctors’ jobs easier? The more unique you make yourself, the more unique your resume will be.

4. How do you write the header of a labor and delivery nurse resume?

Model your resume’s header after the labor and delivery nurse resume sample. Use a clear resume font that is larger than the rest of your information. The first line should be your first and last name. On the second line, include your city and state. It is no longer common practice to include your full address. Finally, add your email address and phone number. Ensure you have a professional email address that uses your first and last name and a voicemail message that sounds professional as well. If you have a LinkedIn account, it is becoming more common to include its URL in your resume’s header.

5. What does a good labor and delivery nurse resume look like?

A good resume is well-organized and thoughtfully written and uses quantitative information as well as a descriptive vocabulary to display your biggest achievements and best qualities. The information should contain bullet points wherever possible to make the resume easy to skim, and the professional summary should read like a sales pitch to showcase why you would be right for the job and keep the reader interested. The labor and delivery nurse resume sample is an excellent resource. Our resume builder is another great resource and lets you create a customized document.

Resume Text

Janice Ian

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000

Compassionate and skilled Labor and Delivery Nurse with experience in birthing centers and hospitals. Excellent critical thinking and communication with patients of all ages and from all cultures. Specializes in anti and postpartum care for women with birthing complications.  


  • Compliant with HIPPA and OSHA
  • Neonatal care
  • Medication administration
  • Phlebotomy skills
  • accurate and detailed reporting
  • knowledge of medical Spanish
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Compassion

Work Experience
July 2004 to January 2006
Company Name – City, State
Labor and Delivery Nurse

  • Offered relaxation techniques during labor.
  • Monitored fetal heart rate for abnormalities.
  • Determine level of patient dilation.
  • Recorded patient vital signs to ensure health.
  • Performed fetal and newborn assessments.

February 2006 to March 2015
Company Name – City, State
Labor and Delivery Nurse

  • Contacted anesthesiologist to administer pain medication.
  • Provided physician with materials for labor and delivery.
  • Responsible for direct care care of up to six pediatric patients at one time.
  • Collaborated with other medical professionals to ensure efficient care.
  • Educated patients and families about procedures.
  • Managed patient care during cesarean deliveries.

2002 University of California,
City, State Bachelor of Science,

2004 California RN License