entry level social worker resume example

Entry-Level Social Worker Resume Questions

1. How do you write an entry level social worker resume?

An entry level resume may seem challenging to write at first, but there are plenty of details you can include even if you don’t have much experience. In the case of an entry level social worker resume, you can start by making sure that your information is clear and well-organized and emphasize your training and skills instead of your work history.

2. What format should your entry level social worker resume be in?

A chronological resume format could work for an entry level resume, especially if you focus on education instead of experience. If you have work experience in other fields, you may want to go with a functional resume. The difference is that you organize a chronological resume by date, whereas you structure a functional one by topic and may omit dates completely. If you’re worried that an employer may not take you seriously with no dates to accompany your employment history, use a blended format, where you do include your dates of employment but don’t emphasize your previous positions in your overall approach. The entry level social worker resume sample is a fantastic example of the blended resume format. For more detailed information about formatting your resume, visit our resume format page.

3. How do you optimize your entry level social worker resume for an (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a type of software that employers use to prescreen jobseekers. As an automated system, it filters out some resumes before a real person ever sees them. To get past an ATS, you need to create a resume that clearly shows your fitness for the position. The most effective way you can do this is by tailoring your application materials to each position you apply for, incorporating relevant keywords from each job description. To find the best keywords, study the required skills and qualifications listed in the description. Include any hard and soft skills that you have.

If you need extra help coming up with customized phrasing for each job application, use our resume builder. It will take you through the whole process step by step, professional resume templates, industry-specific text examples, so you can build a personalized resume.

4. How do you write the experience section of your entry level social worker resume?

If you’re following the lead of our resume examples, you can tie your experience to the professional value you offer. Instead of putting your work history in reverse-chronological order as you would in the chronological format, list it briefly at the end.

Whichever format you decide to use, be sure to include specific skills and action verb and prioritize the items that you have quantifiable data for as well as those that the job ad explicitly mentions.

5. How should you present software knowledge on an entry level social worker resume?

If you don’t know what specific database software the agency to which you’re applying uses, it’s okay to mention general office applications in your skills or highlights section, like the entry level social worker resume sample does. If you are familiar with an in-demand type of software commonly used in your field, definitely mention it in your top skills section.

Resume Text

Elizabeth Elliot 123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000 – email@email.com Summary Entry-level Bachelor student graduating in 2014 with a sociology degree, garnering a strong educational background in children and family evaluation. Excellent client assessment skills and abilities to locate and promote appropriate community services for clients. Seeking to leverage background with education into a medical or family social worker role with a progressive company. Highlights Team building Patient and family education Customer relationship management MS Office suite Confidential services Cultural sensitivity Professional Value Offered Collaboration Worked closely with banking team members on client plan development, enhancing customer satisfaction ratings by meeting individual needs. Forged community connections benefiting staff, clients, and families. Prospected and generated sales leads through strategic marketing, networking, and market penetration. Liaised between candidate and clients, using effective negotiation and diplomacy skills to build trust. Championed customer alliance building strategy, implementing best practices and process improvements to eliminate discrepancies and improve sales efficiencies. Customer Relationship Management Implemented SOPs, ensuring exceptional customer service and maximizing revenue/profit margins. Recognized by senior leaders for astute evaluation skills, positive outlook and abilities to quickly engage the customer relationship process. Gained leadership expertise by driving the off-line customer service delivery and addressing complaints from clients to provoke speedy resolutions. Volunteer Experience Company Name – City, State – Youth Volunteer, 2000 Provided services to children for enhancing leadership skills and coping strategies relating to peer and family pressures. Voiced concerns for children in relation to societal and behavioral aspects affecting communication skills. Enhanced educational skills by instructing 24 adolescent children on singing and praying. Education Sociology, 2014 Company Name, City, State Coursework included Social Inequalities and Institutions, Logic of Social Inquiry, Urban Sociology, Introduction to Disability Studies, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Equity Studies, Ethnic Relations, Crime and Deviance, Social Stratification, Sociology of Health and Religion, Political Sociology, Gender and Society, Culture and Inequality, Family Demography, Child Development, Sociology of Aids, Population and Society, Social Control, Family Relations, Quality of Social Life, Sociology of Mental Health, Urban Health, Gender Relations, Women and Work, Comparative Political Sociology, Contemporary Sociological Theory, Neighborhood and Community, Sociology of Punishment, Families and Health, Sociology and Emotions, Culture and Cognition, Housing/Households/Inhabitance Work History Company Name – Accounts Specialist – City, State, 01/2008 to 05/2011 Company Name – Sales Representative – City, State, 02/2006 to 06/2010