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Need More Templates?

We’ve got dozens more layouts you can use as the foundation of your resume. Just visit our templates page for a full selection.

Top 10 Tips To Optimize Your Template

Now that you have our best resume templates in hand, make sure to take full advantage, with the following tips:

  • ATS Icon

    1. Prep your resume to pass ATS.

    Many recruiters now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to read through resumes, making sure they have the right content. Our designs are specifically created to be easily read by ATS, so take the final step and make sure your document features the right qualifications and experiences that match what the job needs.

  • Resume Review

    2. Tailor your resume to the job.

    In a similar vein, you should always update your resume for each job you apply to, featuring skills and work accomplishments that fit the job’s specific requirements. For in-depth advice on how to do so, visit our page How to Create a Targeted Resume.

  • Customized Icon

    3. Make use of our customization options.

    What you see in our templates doesn’t include all of what you can get. If you use our templates in conjunction with our Resume Builder, we’ll provide an array of professional fonts and colors you can use to get your document’s look just right.

  • Spacing Icon

    4. Use white space effectively.

    You might be wondering: Isn’t a resume all about the information you provide? This is true, but it’s also about providing a crisp, unfussy reading experience, so don’t overstuff your document with text. For more on how to use white space, see this article.

  • Stars Icon

    5. Consistency is key.

    Are the fonts you use in your resume consistent throughout? Is each section header the same font size? Is the spacing between sections the same? Take the time to give your resume a uniform look that tells hiring managers you’re efficient, organized, and attentive to details.

  • Resume Icon

    6. Keep your resume to the right length.

    It’s generally agreed that a resume should be two pages long, at most. Our templates are flexible enough to accommodate different lengths, whether it’s just one page, a page and a half, or two. You can always preview how your resume will look inside our Builder.

  • Idea Icon

    7. Emphasize good information rather than graphic bells and whistles.

    Let our templates do the visual heavy lifting for you, and don’t concern yourself with fancy graphics or fonts that help your resume stand out. Concentrate on getting the right facts and details into your document. A resume with solid content ( paired with our professional designs) will always make a better impression than a slick-looking document that doesn’t have the right qualifications.

  • Stand Professionally

    8. Focus on the resume’s critical sections, but know when to add sections when needed.

    While our templates can accommodate additional sections (such as an “awards and recognitions” or “certifications and training”) if needed, be sure to focus on the areas employers will be most interested in: your summary, skills and work history sections. If you need to add more sections, just use our Resume Builder and you can add and edit sections in minutes. For more advice on how to organize each section of your resume, check out our Resume Format guide.

  • Time Icon

    9. Take time to review your resume.

    No matter how good your resume looks, a silly typo or grammatical error can undo everything. Take the time to check your resume for mistakes, and ensure your information is accurate and up to date.

  • Cv Icon

    10. Use a cover letter design that complements your resume template.

    Don’t just give your resume the superior design treatment. Many employers will request a cover letter to go along with your resume, and we’ve got plenty of cover letter templates that complement your resume design (along with some important tips for putting together your letter, too).

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