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Top Professional Resume Templates for 2021

When applying for a job, being professional is always a good idea, and the same goes for your resume. Unlike some other resume templates, a straightforward professional template can work across many different jobs and industries, and present you as an organized, effective employee who knows how to get things done.

Use our best-in-class professional templates and these expert tips to build a resume that’s sure to impress potential employers.

Top Professional Templates


As the name suggests, this popular design presents a crisp, clean look, with a simple header and judicious spacing between sections for maximum readability.


The job applicant’s name is featured in prominent font in this layout, while the slight indents for each section make it easy for recruiters to scan.


Simple but effective use of color makes this design’s header stand out. Section titles are arranged in the left margin for quick reference.


This layout uses left-justified headings, dark lines and plenty of black-white contrast to create an impression of reliability and integrity.


Elegant fonts and subtle dividing lines between sections give this template a unique look, while capitalized headings differentiate each individual section.


This layout offers a bit of flair with its mix of color fonts in the header, while maintaining a neat, structured look for each section underneath.

Who should use Professional Resume Templates?

Below are some examples of industries that value employees (and resumes) with a professional approach. For even more resume samples for hundreds of jobs, visit our Resume Examples section.


Financial work requires a strong attention to detail, reliability and trustworthiness — all qualities that are communicated by a professional resume template.

Financial Analyst

Personal Banker


Projecting an air of competence, efficiency and helpfulness is critical for this job field. Use these professional examples to build a resume that conveys these traits.

Administrative Assistant

Office Manager


Whether you’re a legal clerk or a law partner, present yourself as a productive, on-the-ball professional in this line of work with the help of these razor-sharp layouts.



Professional Resume Templates: pros and cons

While a professional resume template works exceptionally well for certain jobs and industries, it’s not always the ideal choice. Here’s a breakdown of why you should use professional templates, and when it’s best to seek out a different template.

  • We do the heavy lifting for you. When you use our templates, you don’t have to worry about whether your layout will look good. We also help you fill out each section with expert, job-specific suggestions, and make it easy to save different versions of your resume for different jobs.
  • Perfect for traditional or conventional jobs. Employers who rely on coordinated, regulated tasks will appreciate a template that exemplifies competence and a professional attitude.
  • Easy for recruiters and applicant tracking systems (ATS) to decipher. A streamlined professional template is easy for hiring managers to read, and also increases your chances of passing an ATS scan.
  • Might not be the best fit for creative jobs. If you’re applying for a job that involves more out-of-the-box thinking, you might want to consider a template with a more striking layout. Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of creative templates in our templates collection.
  • Might be harder to stand out from the crowd. While a professional template presents your qualifications in very clear, readable fashion, you do run the risk of having a resume that looks similar to other resume submissions. If you want to make more of a visual statement with your resume, check out our more unique designs on our templates page.
  • A template might not be the best choice for certain situations. For instance, if an employer asks you to submit your resume through a plain text form on their site or in the body of an email, a template won’t offer you much help. For help on how you can create the right resume in these circumstances, visit our plain text resume tips page.

Tips for using your Professional Resume Template

1. Organize your resume based on your skills and experience. If you can feature years of experience that relate to the job you’re applying for, then use a chronological format when you create your resume, moving your work history section up near the top, just under the summary section. If you’re a first-time job seeker or lack experience, use a functional format, in which you arrange your skills section more prominently. If you have a few years of experience, you can opt for a combination format, which features an equal amount of relevant skills and work experiences.

2. Customize your resume for different job opportunities. No job is exactly the same as another. Always create a different version of your resume for every job you apply for, updating your summary, skills and work experiences to best match what the job requires. For more tips in this area, read our article How to Create a Targeted Resume.

3. You can always add additional sections if needed. Have a list of professional projects, activities or memberships that relate to the job? Want to feature certifications and additional training, as well as your education? Using our templates, it’s easy to add and retitle sections as needed.

4. Make use of our full range of fonts and colors. Want to change up the look and feel of your resume? We make it easy for you to adjust your fonts and colors. Experiment with different styles with the confidence that we’ll make sure your resume will look good, no matter how you change things up.

5. Don’t waste a beautiful resume design by not proofreading your work. Even a flawless resume layout won’t survive employer scrutiny if the resume itself contains careless misspellings or other mistakes. Be sure to make use of our spell-checking tools, and review your resume carefully before downloading it and sending it in.