Business Owner Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Take the time to craft an appealing cover letter to accompany your professional resume. You will be glad you did, and so will prospective employers. Your cover letter is an essential element of any application. It serves as a reminder to hiring managers that you took the time to create one because you believe that the job is important. Get started with this free business owner cover letter sample, followed by key tips to include in your letter.

Dear Mr. Corwin,

I am writing in regard to becoming a business owner with your company. With my experience and business background, I believe I am the best candidate for this position.

I have worked for several years as a top-level executive at an area company, where I am responsible for developing and executing business and planning strategies to ensure my company meets its goals. In this role, I collaborate with top managers to make crucial business decisions, negotiate sales and set policies that benefit both employees and customers.

I am skilled in developing budgets and working within them, while leading subordinates to excel in their roles. I coordinate resources and direct staff members in overall operational activities, always mindful of company goals. To support my staff and all employees, I have initiated company benefits to help pay for continuing education and training courses that will help them in their jobs.

I have an MBA from Harvard and am very interested in becoming a business owner. I would like to discuss my qualifications with you personally, if possible.

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What to Include in a Business Owner Cover Letter

Here are some things you should know in order to compose your letter, based on this free business owner cover letter sample. Keep your letter to no more than four paragraphs in length. Refer to the job description and match your skills to the abilities in the posting. Focus on explaining why you are able to do the job. Remember to summarize your qualities at the conclusion of the letter and be sure to thank the reader for their time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You should fashion your cover letter to meet the job requirements by including only relevant information. Here are some additional skills, which you can add to the free business owner cover letter sample.

● Communication: Business owners should be able to clearly and persuasively communicate with others to explain their reasons for setting policies and what their thinking was behind any decisions.
● Decision-making: Business leaders must be able to manage an organization. They should consider all options before choosing a course of action.
● Problem-solving: Owners need to be able to identify and resolve issues. This includes recognizing any shortcomings and implementing solutions.
● Time-management: Business owners should be able to multi-task to ensure that their own work gets done in pursuit of their goals.