Manager Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Your cover letter is one of the most important parts of a successful job search. To land the job you want, you need to be sure that your letter makes the right impression, convincing a hiring manager to take a closer look at your resume. The following free manager cover letter sample presents a good example of the proper organizational structure and language. Using it as a framework for showcasing your own skills and experience can help you take your letter to the next level.

Dear Mr. Jackson,

As a manager, I strive to add value to my company through effective organization and team motivation. I am highly interested in bringing my extensive managerial experience to work for you.

Your job posting indicates that you are looking for a goal-oriented manager to lead a midsize team. At my previous place of employment, I had the opportunity to supervise a department for over ten years. During my tenure, I implemented organizational changes within my department that improved workflow and raised efficiency, resulting in shorter turnaround times for projects.

In my capacity as a manager, I pride myself on my ability to build workplace relationships and motivate team members. I prioritize timely and effective feedback given in a constructive manner. I help my team to achieve their best and to take pride in their work.

I appreciate this opportunity to bring my qualifications to your attention. I would enjoy discussing them further with you in person.

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What to Include in a Manager Cover Letter

Now that you have reviewed the free manager cover letter sample, here are some tips to help you perfect your own letter. Following the four-paragraph template presented in the sample allows you to keep your writing clear and concise, while touching on the most important qualifications. Be sure to read the job posting carefully and let your letter show that you meet this employer’s needs.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Employers typically seek managers with a particular skillset. As shown in the free manager cover letter sample, your letter should note some of the following managerial skills.

● Highly organized: Your job will require you to keep track of multiple projects and employees at the same time. A good manager is efficient at creating and adhering to schedules and deadlines.
● Results-driven: A manager must always keep her or his eye on the goal and assess the ways in which any given project will ultimately affect it.
● Good motivator: As a supervisor, you will need to work closely with your team members as well as other departments. Your success will depend on the work your team members do.
● Calm under pressure: Managers are subject to a lot of stress on an ongoing basis. It is key to success that you remain calm and continue to work effectively even in high-pressure situations.