Executive Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Even though most job applicants concentrate their efforts on crafting the perfect resume, a well-written cover letter can considerably increase your possibilities of being invited for an interview. It is your first chance to have a conversation with the hiring manager by expanding on your resume and relating your relevant industry-specific expertise. It enables you to highlight why you are the ideal fit for the job. Read this free executive cover letter sample to see how to write a unique and compelling cover letter.

Dear Ms. Rothman,

As a well-qualified executive with over 23 years of industry expertise, I would be an excellent fit for the position with Nelson Enterprises. My stellar track record of increasing product offerings, profitability, and market shares aligns perfectly with your job description.

My greatest strengths equal those required for consistent growth and success, including a unique talent for forging global strategic partnerships. My keen business insight and in-depth knowledge of improving operations have resulted in a bottom-line increase for numerous organizations.

As a solutions-focused executive with an extensive background in client development and relationships, I am seeking a new position where my talents can be utilized to increase profitability. I am a highly qualified professional with proven contributions, and I am certain I will be a valuable asset to your firm.

I am positive my expertise and drive will provide you with a marketable resource. My resume is attached for your review, and I hope to hear from you soon to schedule an interview. Thank you kindly for your consideration and time.

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What to Include in an Executive Cover Letter

Don’t just repeat what you list on your resume. Your cover letter should provide the hiring manager with new and intriguing details. Another valuable tip you can see from this free executive cover letter sample is that you want to keep it a four-paragraph, single page. Borrow language from the job description to work in details of your background, insert a statement of gratitude in the conclusion, and address a particular person or company in the opener.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Tailoring your cover letter to a target audience is essential. This free executive cover letter sample highlights the power of incorporating skills into your expertise. Here are some of the talents that are beneficial for executives.

● Interpersonal skills: As an executive, you need to be able to discuss confidential information with managers, leaders, and other staff members. You will frequently interact with clients who may be upset, so you need to maintain a calm and professional manner.
● Detail-oriented: You must be precise when delivering or delegating. Companies rely on executives for accuracy.
● Technical skills: Executives must be comfortable using basic equipment to store and file crucial data.
● Analytical skills: You need to be able to understand and analyze a variety of situations.