Customer Service Manager Cover Letter Example & Templates

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A resume is all about hard facts, while a cover letter adds a personal feel by means of storytelling. Targeting your content to the industry where you hope to work gives you the best chance of receiving an invitation to interview. The following free customer service manager cover letter sample and writing tips are meant to inspire you to create a winning document that will get the attention of the hiring authority or recruiter in charge of an open requisition.

Dear Ms. Chin,

In an industry where competitors constantly try to capture market share, stellar customer care is what distinguishes Acme, Inc. from the rest. Exceeding client expectations is key to success, making it necessary for individual agents to participate in a robust on-boarding program and receive regular coaching. I am both capable and excited about making a valuable contribution to your client services team.

In my current role as customer service team lead, I provide ongoing feedback and suggestions to less-experienced representatives. When agents are stuck with a unique request, they come to me for assistance. I use the company mission, closed cases, and a dash of creativity to make every client interaction a positive one.

When clients are frustrated, they often empty their feelings onto the agent handling their call. For this reason, such competencies as empathy, patience, and emotional intelligence are crucial for customer service representatives to develop. I enjoy helping my peers to learn from experiences to grow into more experienced agents.

Retaining talent requires keeping employees motivated and engaged. I am confident that with my unique set of skills, I can be the manager Acme, Inc. needs to continue providing outstanding client service and help agents reach their full potential. I look forward to the prospect of talking further about your needs and how I could add value to your organization.

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What to Include in a Customer Service Manager Cover Letter

Where possible, it’s best to address your cover letter to a specific individual. The tone should be warm and conversational, yet relatively formal. The main content should be targeted to your field of work but without getting too technical. Use the actual job description along with the free customer service manager cover letter sample to build your piece.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Beyond gaining inspiration from the free customer service manager cover letter sample, you’ll want to blend your top strengths with a few key industry skills. Consider including a few from the following list.

● Decision making: Managers are regularly called upon to clear roadblocks and make decisions that have major impacts on team members and clients.
● Interpersonal abilities: Strong communication, including speaking and listening are key for successfully leading, training, and coaching direct reports.
● Resourcefulness: Coordinating with employees in other departments is often necessary for handling complex or unique customer service requests.
● Leadership skills: Having a vision beyond the present, adapting to changes in the market, and being an example in word and deed are important manager competencies.