Customer Experience Manager Resume: Examples and Tips

Customer experience managers serve as a bridge between a company and its customers, overseeing customer service operations. The job typically involves evaluating and addressing customer feedback, developing and implementing strategies to improve customer satisfaction, and ensuring the company’s standing and profits.

Create a resume that effectively serves the most important customer of all — your next employer — with these resume examples and tips:

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Customer Experience Manager Resume Example

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Customer Experience Manager Resume

  1. Summary In a few brief, persuasive sentences, spell out who you are as a job candidate, focusing on work experiences and specialized skills that target a customer experience manager role. For example: “High-achieving Customer Experience Manager well-versed in excellent client service and client relationships. Motivated to maintain customer satisfaction, cultivate partnerships and grow businesses.”
  2. Skills State both hard skills (skills learned through training) and soft skills (intangible abilities that show off your “work personality”) in this section. Relevant hard skills for this position include inventory control, report generation, upselling techniques, proficiency in point-of-sale (POS) systems and Account management. Valuable soft skills include strong communication skills, organizational abilities, customer service, and problem-solving.
  3. Work History For each previous job, list three to five bullet points that highlight your most important duties and best achievements. Provide metrics and details that give employers a better idea of your effectiveness. For example: “Supervised all merchandise and shipment processing for retail chain serving 20,000 customers daily” or “Answered 50+ customer requests per day with friendly, knowledgeable service and support.”
  4. Education In addition to your top academic achievement (e.g., a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, marketing, or related major), share any specialized training or certificates you have in associated fields such as management, marketing or customer service. For example: Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) or Customer Service and Sales Certification from the NRF Foundation.

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Find the Right Template for your Resume

Make sure your resume looks its best by using one of our professional template designs.


This clean two-column design highlights your professional summary and work history alongside your top skills. A subtle color band for the header adds a sophisticated touch.


Each section of this layout is separated with sleek lines. The header is distinguished by a multi-color bold resume font, while details are laid out in a streamlined presentation.


This resume layout is simple and has a striking blue band with your name and contacts. The headers are inscribed in separate boxes and placed in margins with corresponding details alongside.

For more designs you can use, visit our templates page.

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • DO ensure your resume isn’t overlong. The longer your resume, the greater a chance a recruiter might skip over crucial information. Keep your resume one- to two-pages long, and focus only on achievements and skills that directly apply to the customer experience manager job you want. Use bullet points and short phrases rather than lengthy sentences. Limit your work history to the past ten years.
  • DO feature soft skills throughout your resume. Customer experience work manager requires intangible skills as well as practical skills, so include these abilities in your skills section, as well as in your summary and work experience sections. For example, You can create a subcategory for soft skills such as “attention to detail” in your skills section, or emphasize an important intangible trait in your summary: “Committed Customer Experience Manager with a keen eye for detail and strong interpersonal skills.” For more tips on popular soft skills employers look for, see our Top Resume Skills article.
  • DO use bullet points and short phrases. Don’t clutter up your resume with lengthy, verbose sentences. Go for brisk phrasing and bullet points that don’t go over one line long. Avoid the use of first-person pronouns such as “I” and “my.” For example, in your summary statement, it’s better to write “Committed to customer satisfaction and contributing to company success” rather than “I am motivated to maintain customer satisfaction, and work to contribute to company success.”
  • DON’T forget to proofread your resume. In your line of work, accuracy is essential — don’t forget to review your resume before you apply, and fix any grammar and spelling mistakes. Take this opportunity to also make sure all the details and facts about your work history and skills are accurate. Our Resume Builder’s built-in tools can also help you review your resume.
  • DON’T use the same resume for every different job application. Every customer experience manager job is different, so create different versions of your resume to fit these different opportunities. In each case, review the job description and pinpoint exactly what the job requires, so you can emphasize different skills and experiences that fit these requirements. For example, if the job calls for mentoring ability, present a work experience that shows your capabilities in this area, e.g., “Mentored 5+ new sales associates per week in store culture and best practices.” Our article How to Create a Targeted Resume furnishes more advice on customizing your resume.
  • DON’T forget to use your summary as an “elevator pitch.” Businesspeople use “elevator pitches” to communicate a very important idea within a few seconds. With your resume, use your summary as a pitch that communicates why you’re the best person for the job. Focus on your top attributes, plus industry-specific achievements and skills. For example: “Dedicated Customer Experience Manager who specializes in quality and process optimization. Well-versed with collaborating with stakeholders on customer service updates and status reports.” For more summary tips, see How to Craft a Perfect Summary Statement.