Usher Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Most people focus on creating the perfect resume when applying for a job. But when you apply to be an usher you should also work on creating a well-written cover letter. A cover letter gives you the opportunity to talk about your work experience and skills that relate to the open position. This free usher cover letter sample is a great way to grow your understanding on the writing process.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I have always prided myself on great customer service skills. I love assisting people to meet their needs, and I believe that would make me the perfect candidate for the usher position with the Bright Entertainment Company.

In high school and college, I worked as an usher at our local movie theater. I was in charge of seating guests with disabilities who couldn’t find a seat that worked for them, making sure people had their ticket stubs, and getting the theater ready for the next group of movie-goers.

I also had an internship with the university’s live theater department. I worked in the season ticket department and acted as the personal usher for the theater’s patrons. I walked ticket holders to their seats and brought them refreshments as needed.

I feel my experience as well as my patience and interpersonal skills make me the best candidate for the usher position at the Bright Entertainment Company. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my qualifications.

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What to Include in an Usher Cover Letter

Your cover letter should not only include your relevant work experience but should also highlight the skills you have that would make you a good candidate. As shown by the free usher cover letter sample, don’t make your cover letter too lengthy. Four or five paragraphs should do to make your case for why you deserve the job. Be sure to address the letter to the hiring manager or specific company, and thank him or her for the opportunity to apply.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Be sure to focus on your own skillset and specific qualifications and how they connect with the job description. Use the ideas in the free usher cover letter sample and this short list of industry-specific skills that may come in handy for an usher.

● Communication skills: When working with other employees, the theater or venue manager, or customers, it’s important to be able to express your ideas clearly to everyone.
● Customer service skills: You will mostly be dealing with paying customers when working as an usher. You need to listen to them and address any of their needs or concerns.
● Professionalism: You will need to be able to handle yourself in a professional manner as well as dress professionally when working as an usher.
● Physical stamina: You may be standing or walking for long periods of time as an usher and you will need to be able to do so without getting tired.