call center representative resume sample

Putting together a solid call center representative resume can be a tricky proposition. After all, you have to find interesting and innovative ways to say I answer the phone and talk to people. Hiring managers are well aware of the job’s potential simplicity, but they also know call center operators are the voice of the company. They are customer service at its highest level and that means a candidate needs far more than management of outbound and inbound calls. They need to be personable and communicative. They need to be problem solvers and good listeners. They need to know company guidelines and be knowledgeable about subjects like warranties and return policies. If sales reps, they have to know the best ways to heighten a company’s conversion rates. As shown in our Call Center Representative resume example, all these traits need to shine and snag the hiring manager’s attention so that you get the interview.

Training & Qualifications

As each call center will likely have its own guidelines, regulations and company policies, chances are a candidate will be trained to operate at that location. But to get in the door, the call center representative resume will have to show you have a firm comprehension of customer service practices and principles, as well as a good grasp of developing resolution that works for both client and employer. There has to be a tactful disposition that can’t be rattled under stressful situations. Having handled sophisticated communication systems will be a plus as it accents versatility. If there has been any third-party training in communications or public service, it should be noted as well as these traits are the backbone of a call center representative.


Call center salaries are significantly affected by a number of factors. They could be selling products, offering support or dealing with emergency situations. They could be working directly for a company or being sourced through an organization that provides call support. In general, call center reps make an average 26,000 per year. Geographically, as of 2011, the District of Columbia had the highest salary at 41,160 dollars. Sample Call Center Representative Resume Refer to the sample below for designing a call center representative resume. It features the key elements hiring managers will be looking for and should be adapted accordingly.

Call Center Representative Resume Questions

1. What technical skills should you put on a call center representative resume?

Many companies expect call center representatives to have basic computer knowledge, as shown on the call center representative resume sample. List basic business software that you are familiar with, including the Microsoft Windows suite of programs. If your words-per-minute typing speed is high, list the rate to show data-entry competence. Include specialized call center software and hardware that you used in the past, especially if the job advertisement lists those technologies.

2. How do you write the header of a call center representative resume?

Review the call center representative resume sample to see header formatting. Write your name so that it is easily searchable if a recruiter is looking for more information about you through LinkedIn or other online resources. Your name should be in the biggest font on the resume. Recruiters often spend no more than six seconds scanning a resume, and you want them to know who you are.

Additionally, include your phone number and email address. To ensure that you are the only person answering the employer’s calls, using a cell phone number is preferable. The email address should be professional rather than whimsical to avoid drawing attention away from your qualifications. Consider using one of our resume templates and we’ll handle the header formatting for you.

3. What format should your call center representative resume be in?

The chronological resume format is the most common format used by call center representatives. This format displays the applicant’s contact information, a summary of skills, work history, and education. Many recruiters and hiring managers prefer this resume format because they can quickly scan an applicant’s relevant work history and job titles. When employers scan resumes for keywords using an applicant tracking system, the ATS is most likely to read this formatting correctly.

The resume builder is a great tool for building a resume that emphasizes your work accomplishments and skills. It provides personalized examples of your knowledge and expertise with no writing required. Review the call center representative resume sample for an example of standard formatting.

4. How do you make a call center representative resume for a first job?

As shown in the call center representative resume sample, your resume can feature the soft skills and technical knowledge you sharpened while in school or volunteering. Include examples of teamwork, problem solving, attention to detail, time management, and leadership. If you volunteered with a non-profit organization, describe your responsibilities and how you made a positive impact. List additional languages that you speak fluently.

5. Should you include references on a call center representative resume?

The call center representative resume sample does not include references in the text, none of our resume examples do. If a prospective employer wants to speak with references, he or she normally requests to do so at a later point in the interview process. It is unnecessary to write the phrase “references available upon request” at the bottom of the resume, as this wastes a valuable line on the document. Provide a separate sheet listing reference contact information. Be sure to notify your references that potential employers may be making contact.

Even if you’re done with your Call Center Representative resume, you’re not done with your application documents. See our Call Center Representative cover letter samples to learn the ropes.

Show Resume Text

Resume Text

Natalie Hill

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Resourceful Call Center Representative who consistently meets and exceeds productivity goals. Proven capacity to troubleshoot issues to resolve issues quickly. Maintains a high level of professionalism, patience and efficiency to minimize customer dissatisfaction and increase customer loyalty.


  • Troubleshooting
  • Service and support
  • Computer software savvy
  • Friendly
  • People person
  • High standards
  • Trainer
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solver
  • Critical thinker


September 2010 to Current
Company Name City, State
Call Center Representative

  • Address customer service inquiries in a timely and accurate fashion.
  • Give accurate and appropriate information to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and resolve complaints.
  • Cross-trained over 150 staff members in three years.
  • Achieved customer satisfaction rating of 95% within six months, exceeding corporate target.

May 2005 to August 2010
Company Name City, State
Call Center Representative

  • Properly directed inbound calls in phone queues to improve call flow.
  • Made reasonable procedure exceptions to accommodate unusual customer requests.
  • Provided accurate and appropriate information in response to customer inquiries.
  • Developed effective relationships with all call center departments through clear communication.
  • Worked with upper management to ensure appropriate changes were made to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Provided input to assist in selection and implementation of new phone system.

January 2001 to March 2005
Company Name City, State
Call Center Representative

  • Collected customer feedback and made process changes to exceed customer satisfaction goals.
  • Demonstrated mastery of customer service call script within specified timeframes.
  • Maintained up-to-date records at all times.
  • Built customer loyalty by placing follow-up calls for customers who reported product issues.
  • Facilitated information flow between customer service, account management operations, quality assurance, training, and payroll departments to guarantee call center objectives were met.