Customer Service Supervisor Resume Example

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: January 05, 2023
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Customer service is one of the trickiest fields because no two days look exactly the same. With different issues coming at your team from all angles, your role as a customer service supervisor is vital to maintaining your company’s reputation. If you want a company to take that chance on you, you need a killer resume. When writing a customer service supervisor resume, it’s important to get good references. Leadership positions require skills that can’t always be explained in your own words, so it’s important to have other people speak to your talents as a leader. Make sure to call and ask your references ahead of time if it’s OK to include their information. After you’ve checked with your references, it’s time to start writing! See the customer service supervisor resume sample below for more ideas.

customer service supervisor chronological resume format

Customer Service Supervisor Resume Questions

1. How do you highlight team experience on a customer service supervisor resume question?

Part of great team leadership is great teamwork. Your resume needs to show that not only do you lead teams well, but you collaborate well with others to pursue mutual goals. Use your professional summary to discuss how you fostered an environment of teamwork and cooperation among the customer service team, and how you taught team members to leverage each other’s strengths.

You can use the accomplishments in your work history to also spotlight moments of team excellence. Call out metrics that show how your team leadership improved customer service scores. For a little inspiration on this, take a look at our customer service supervisor resume sample.

2. How do you write the experience section of your customer service supervisor resume?

Use your experience section to detail the last 10-15 years of your employment history. Anything older qualifies as outdated, likely no longer relevant in the job market. Take some time to think about what made those 10-15 years stand out, focusing on marketable job skills and where you went above and beyond with accomplishments.

Once you have a basic outline of this information, it’s time to refine it. Write your key details using succinct one-sentence bullet points. Each bullet should begin with a strong action verb, and should describe your value with every word. Use six to eight bullet points per job. If you still need help, try our resume builder. There’s no writing needed with our simple tool that uses industry-specific text examples.

3. How long should a customer service supervisor resume be?

Very few jobseekers have a reason to write a resume longer than one page as you see on the customer service supervisor resume sample. A single page covers everything you need to let employers know how much experience you have, what your top skills are, and anything of value throughout your professional history.

Employers spend very little time reviewing resumes. If they can learn everything they need about you in a single glance, they’re more likely to remember you as a candidate who made a strong impression. Take a look at our customer service supervisor resume for an example of how to make a great one-page resume.

4. What technical skills should you put on a customer service supervisor resume?

You may not actually need many technical skills. In a supervisory position, you won’t be spending as much time using customer service software hands-on; you should focus more on your management skills and the impact created by your leadership.

However, there may be some valuable software tools such as Citrix that you could mention simply to show you have familiarity with the applications your teams use. When in doubt, check the target job to see if prospective employers ask for knowledge of particular technologies. If they do, integrate those technologies into your list of skills.

5. How do you list certifications on your customer service supervisor resume?

Your certifications are right at home in your education section. Include them with your degrees or any other training, as we did in our customer service supervisor resume sample Certification listings are easy; they’re just the name of the certificate, the completion date, and the awarding institution. Keep them in reverse chronological order.

With an understanding of Customer Service Supervisor resume writing best practices tucked away, get acquainted with writing an accompanying cover letter using our our Customer Service Supervisor cover letter sample.

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Resume Text

Kelly Turner

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Dedicated Customer Service Supervisor who wants to develop a productive work environment and enhance the customer’s experience. Adept at recruiting new customer service representatives, maintaining a large staff and meeting all corporate service goals. Specializes in call center and in-person environments.    


  • Certified customer service specialist by two separate agencies
  • Works very well in a hectic environment
  • Excellent team building skills
  • Develops a dynamic work area
  • Works hard to make staff and customers satisifed
  • Dedicated to delivering excellent customer service

Work Experience

July 2012 to February 2015
Geese Incorporated – City, State
Customer Service Supervisor

  • Developed policies that helped to lower employee turnover by 28 percent.
  • Consistently established customer satisfaction ratings that were well above the normal company averages.
  • Created an employee referral system that brought in quality candidates and contributed to lower turnover.

September 2005 to July 2012
Wheeler Company – City, State
Customer Service Supervisor

  • Revised the company training procedures and helped to get associates up to speed faster and improve productivity.
  • Worked with sales management to try and develop ways for sales and customer service associates to work together to improve the customer experience.
  • Developed a staff that fell below company mandated customer service ratings only once a year on average.

June 1998 to September 2005
Company Name – City, State
Customer Service Supervisor

  • Created several different work shifts that lowered turnover and increased productivity.
  • Maintained a very low average of instances of employee conflict.


1998 Mary High School, City, State High School Diploma