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Controller Cover Letter Example + Tips

As you are applying for jobs, you need a well-written resume by your side. You also need a great cover letter, but many job applicants fail to utilize this document to its fullest potential. This is your chance to convince a total stranger why you are the best fit for the open position. Do not let it go to waste, and follow the format presented in this free controller cover letter sample.

Dear Ms. Payne,

From the moment I first saw your listing for an open controller position, I knew I had to apply. I’ve attained five years of experience working as a controller for Edison Construction, and I can bring those talents to you.

A keen eye for detail is a necessity in this line of work. At Edison, I was responsible for reviewing all our insurance policies, and there were quite a few out there. Two years ago, I discovered that we had been overpaying on one account, and I ended up saving the company $1,500 annually.

It was also my job to ensure all our accounts were paid in full. Again, there were many accounts we had to make sure got paid or else we would not have the materials or tools we needed. To accomplish this effectively, I installed new software that would remind me through both text and email that an account needed to be paid. In my five years working there, I never missed a single deadline.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read through my application. Hopefully we can discuss my additional qualifications at a later time.

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What to Include in a Controller Cover Letter

You never want to bring up benefits, salary, or other reasons why you want the job. You need to talk about what you have to offer that the company is looking for. You also want to make sure you include specific details instead of just speaking vaguely about how great you are. For example, in the free controller cover letter sample above, a quantifiable detail mentioned is that the person saved the company $1,500 a year. It’s also a good idea to keep the document succinct, cutting to the chase of why you are applying, and to have an interesting introductory sentence.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

It is essential to tailor your letter to the specific industry you want to work in, as in this free controller cover letter sample. That involves talking about a few key skills that it would be helpful to have.

● Multitasking: You should be able to juggle long-term goals with short-term priorities.
● Communication: You will be working with complex concepts, and you need to be capable of explaining these to managers who are not as familiar with the ideas.
● Financial knowledge: A background in mathematics or economics can be highly useful for a controller.
● Attentive: Numerous documents will come to your desk, and you should possess a keen eye for detail to ensure accuracy.


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