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Front Desk Associate Cover Letter Example + Tips

After reviewing many resumes, the lists of accomplishments start to blur together for a potential employer. Pop out from the competition with a cover letter that showcases the unique personality behind the list of qualifications that make you the ideal front desk associate. Read the free front desk associate cover letter sample and follow the additional tips to make your application effective.

Dear Mr. Cameron,

Your hotel needs associates at its front desk who understand how to make a guest’s stay as enjoyable as possible. With my background in customer service, I believe I have exactly what you need to make the hotel stay the best part of a guest’s vacation.

I have worked for many years in the food service industry. Though I am looking forward to the new experiences as a front desk associate outlined in your job description, I have plenty of insight into positive customer relations and working hours that others might find undesirable.

I have always prided myself on my ability to relate to even the most upset customers, and your job description indicates that this will serve me well. You need an associate who can offer restaurant recommendations, make guest’s children feel comfortable, and explain a policy to a distressed customer all in the span of a few minutes. I am the person for that job.

I look forward to bringing my attitude and experiences to your hotel, and I want to thank you for your consideration and time when reviewing my application. I look forward to meeting you in a face-to-face interview.

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What to Include in a Front Desk Associate Cover Letter

As you can see from the free front desk associate cover letter sample, it is important to keep your letter brief. You want to impress the reader with your personality and level of skill without making him or her wish for you to stop talking. Begin your letter by showing the reader how excited you are for the position, and then put a spotlight on what makes you a prime candidate for the job. Be sure to end with a warm thank you. Leave your reader with an impression of a competent, service-oriented future front desk associate.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As you can see in the free front desk associate cover letter sample, it’s important that you mention some specific skills that your potential employer will want to see.

● Professional employee relations: As an associate, you will be interacting with other employees and you should be able to relate to them professionally.
● Customer service: You will need the ability to be professional and pleasant even when customers are upset.
● Cash-handling skills: The ability to properly charge customers for their hotel stay is important.
● Physical stamina: Working in a hotel may require late hours on nights and weekends, so you should be able to handle these conditions.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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