Valet Cover Letter Example + Tips

When you are applying for new jobs, you do not have a lot of space to go over every last detail of your work history. That is why you need to know how to write an exceptional resume and cover letter so that all pertinent information is conveyed. If you are wondering where to start on crafting an ideal application, follow the lead of this free valet cover letter sample. Some additional tips follow which should also be utilized.

Dear Ms. Kirkland,

For the last several years, I have done great work as a valet driver at the Beverly Hotel. Having recently moved to the city, I am looking for a similar position with Beautiful Year Hotel. My talents and expertise can be put to good use for your company.

Enthusiasm is a crucial component in this line of work. I always greet every guest with a smile on my face. I always make the extra effort, whether that entails opening the door for the driver or offering to help him or her with luggage. When guests arrive at the hotel, they should be treated like celebrities right from the start.

Attention to detail is also important. I implemented a system at my last job where all valet drivers would have to fill out a short form indicating whether there was any damage on a vehicle prior to us driving it. This was done to reduce the number of complaints from drivers implying we caused the damage, but with this system, we were able to circumvent all of that.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply to this amazing position. If there is anything else you want to know, I would be more than happy to discuss my qualifications further.

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What to Include in a Valet Cover Letter

This free valet cover letter sample is great, but it can be made even better by implementing a few tricks. First, watch out for certain phrases such as saying you are the absolute best fit for the job or using business clichés. Cover letters should be short, and four paragraphs are generally all you need. Avoid using “I” or “me” all the time, so find ways to vary your sentence structure. Make sure your letter is addressed to a specific person, whether it is the CEO or hiring manager, and never just repeat your resume word for word.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Some skills will really work to your advantage as a valet driver. If you have gained any of the following traits, make sure to add them to the free valet cover letter sample.

● Vision: You need to have excellent eyesight and a valid driver’s license in your state.
● Patience: You may have to deal with rude passengers or get into heavy traffic. Do not let any of these deter you.
● Dependable: Customers’ cars need to be treated with the utmost respect.
● Customer service: Valets need to take the extra initiative to assist guests in any manner possible.


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