The job hunting process is competitive, which is why it is so important to make yourself stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to craft a professional, eye-catching CV that encourages employers to contact you for an interview. This project accountant CV example is designed to help you understand what should go into this important document and how to tailor it to get the best results during your job search.


Jane Johnson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Detailed-oriented project accountant with over a decade of experience in a variety of key industries. Excelled at forecasting projects that helped companies lead their operations to success over a measurable period of time. Skilled in reporting methods and supporting players and managers from coordinating departments. Impressive knowledge of proper accounting procedures with an above-average ability to communicate with other employees, managers, clients, and other project-related personnel.

Work Experience
Project Accountant                                                          June 2015 – Present


Company Name

  • Monitor and coordinate project information as it relates to the finances of the organization both before, during, and after bringing projects to completion
  • Create earnings and revenue reports to identify areas for improvement as well as errors that can be avoided in the future
  • Oversee project setup completion in the accounts system to ensure seamless financial operations throughout the duration of every project

Project Accountant —
May 2009 – May 2015


Company Name

  • Coordinated with project managers to ensure all documentation was financially sound and orders were complete
  • Maintained diligent records of projects including regular billing, expenses, and other documents in electronic format whenever possible
  • Investigated differences between various projects to determine where operations could be improved and how clients could be better served in the future

Accountant — Leonard and Moore Corporation
April 2007 – April 2008


  • Prepared monthly billing statements for various clients at a large CPA firm that handled projects in many industries
  • Oversaw monthly financial projections and ensured they were in line with the goals of different projects
  • Analyzed project profitability and reported findings in electronic format to management




Leonard and Moore Corporation
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Accounting


The University of Arizona
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I read books in my spare time and I spend my weekends perfecting my garden. I also frequent local hiking trails on an almost weekly basis to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. Additionally, I am involved with several non-profit organizations that help underprivileged children graduate high school and pursue higher education opportunities.


Project Accountant Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Project Accountant Do?

During any large-scale project, expenses have to be accounted for and budgeted for. Project accountants are responsible for overseeing the finances of specific projects and ensuring they stay in line with pre-determined budget constraints and projections. As you can see in this project accountant CV Example, these professionals also compare the outcomes of different projects to determine where processes can be streamlined and greater efficiency can be achieved. Additionally, these professionals may work with many different people involved with a specific project, such as upper-level management, clients, and others on their team so that constant communication is maintained and all parties remained informed.

Tips for Creating a Great Project Accountant CV

Now that you have reviewed this project accountant CV example, it’s time to branch out and craft your own personalized and professional CV. Here are a few tips that can guide you through this important part of the job-hunting process:

  • Proofread your document thoroughly before submitting it to ensure it is free from embarrassing errors
  • Include a professional summary at the top of the document to instantly let employers know why you are the right fit for the position
  • Don’t list only the basic requirements of your position. Going beyond this will help employers understand how you shine in your industry
  • Try to include metrics in your CV as much as possible to help employers realize the true extent of your success on different projects and pursuits
  • Make sure your hobbies and interests section describes who you are without including details that are too personal
  • Don’t forget to use action verbs in your work history section

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