When you are applying for new jobs, it can be helpful to seek inspiration. One way to get inspired is to study sample CVs from people who work in your industry. These can give you an idea of the kinds of information, phrasing, and formatting you should use in your own CV. Take a look at this personal banker CV example and review the accompanying writing tips. After you understand the most desirable qualities for people in your line of work, you can sit down and start writing your application documents.


William Little

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Personal Summary

Conscientious personal banker with seven years’ experience in financial management profession. Qualified to advise high-earning clients on financial matters including investments, taxes, retirement, property acquisition, asset management, and estate planning. Communicate with clients to identify goals and develop plans for achieving them. Offer advice and information based upon clients’ degree of financial knowledge and desired level of involvement. Maintain qualifications by pursuing ongoing education opportunities and staying updated on policy changes.

  • Proficient with Wealth-Tec Foundations, Oracle E
  • Business Suite Financials, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office.
  • Speak Spanish and French at professional and conversational levels, and strengthen grasp of languages through reading and daily conversations with tutors.
  • Excellent oral and written communicator capable of both summarizing and elaborating upon financial information to meet client preferences.
  • Highly organized, able to accurately track financial details for multiple clients.
  • Dedicated to client security, follow stringent computer safety protocols, and observe strict confidentiality practices.
Work Experience
Personal Banker


  • Maintain portfolios of financially successful clients.
  • Provide weekly economic reports in clients’ desired platforms, explain changes, and recommend weekly objectives.
  • Assess client priorities and recommend budget alterations to maximize economic strength.
  • Allocate assets to enable optimal security and spending flexibility.
  • Analyze projected retirement figures and advise plan modifications when necessary.
  • Use existing financial policies to amplify client asset growth.
  • Consistently help clients achieve financial success, leading to 100 percent of clients meeting investment goals while 75 percent exceeded them in 2016.

Certified Public Accountant


  • Advised clients navigating periods of financial distress.
  • Evaluated client debts, obligations, and spending habits to identify sources of liability and areas of potential strength.
  • Recommended measures such as debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing, and asset liquidizing depending on circumstances.
  • Wrote monthly action plans to encourage client focus and motivation.
  • Followed up with clients weekly to track progress and provide advice.
  • Set majority of clients on paths to debt-neutrality, which led to 80 percent of clients reporting in post-program surveys they were pleased with their experiences and felt confident moving forward.

Certified Public Accountant


  • Prepared taxes for patrons of financial advising company.
  • Identified client tax status and assisted them in completing the requisite forms.
  • Calculated taxes owed and explained figures to clients.
  • Applied knowledge of tax laws to maximize amounts of state and federal returns.
  • Educated clients about tax policy to help them achieve greater success in the future.
  • Consistently received ratings of 9 or 10 on 10-point client satisfaction surveys.


Personal Financial Specialist Certification


American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Certified Public Accountant


State of Connecticut
Hobbies and Interests

Compete in recreational soccer leagues. Play percussion for local rock band. Design and build computers. Participate in robotics workshops several times per year.


Personal Banker Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Personal Banker Do?

Personal bankers advise clients on personal financial matters including investment strategies, tax management, retirement planning, and asset allocation. To provide optimal service to their clients, they must be educated about financial regulations and keep themselves up to date on any changes. In your CV, you should highlight your education and professional certifications, as these indicate that you are qualified to work in the field. You will also benefit from demonstrating that you are experienced in a variety of financial disciplines. The personal banker CV example calls attention to positive client outcomes. This is a good idea because people want to know their money is in reliable hands. Your clients will also want you to keep them informed of the status of their finances, so you should emphasize your ability to clearly articulate financial information.

Tips for Creating a Great Personal Banker CV

Here are a few surefire ways to write an outstanding CV:

  • Personal bankers are responsible for accurately tracking figures and financial details for multiple clients, so mention that you categorize client information securely and systematically.
  • In your skills section, highlight ability to use accounting and customer relationship management software. This will demonstrate that you can serve customers on a variety of levels.
  • Your hobbies and interests section can make you more memorable and desirable to clients, especially those who share your pastimes. Just make sure the content of this section is professional.
  • Whenever possible, include examples of your accomplishments in past positions. This will show that you not only performed your job duties, but you also exceeded expectations.

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