Fund managers are all too familiar with overseeing money, supervising its distribution, and strategizing ways to grow its balance. These skills are a little different than those required to write a great curriculum vitae, though. If you are wondering how to demonstrate the former skills and develop the latter ones, consulting a guide resource is a great place to start. Ours is especially helpful to anybody seeking a fund manager position, and you can review our fund manager CV example for more information. We also have some tips for you to consider for extra inspiration as you begin writing.


Katherine Swift

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional fund manager with over 10 years of experience. Previously developed expertise in managing tax credits, mitigating various risks, and optimizing fund performance. Skilled in these and various other aspects of financial management, including budget projection, investment, financial analysis, and asset management. Previously helmed fund that performed at 124 percent of company’s expectations and yielded profits in excess of $600,000. Also grew proprietary funds by 17 percent on average within initial investment period and implemented strategies for other staff to replicate results.

  • Highly skilled in managing and interpreting financial data
  • Skilled in standard and advanced mathematical computations
  • Excellent track record of successful investments and funding
  • Exemplary written and spoken communication skills
  • Great leadership skills and ability to inspire team
Work Experience
Fund Manager
October 2014-Present


  • Develop strategic solutions to optimally utilize company’s funds and meet the objectives established by executive leadership.
  • Identify ways to grow the primary fund and protect its security more effectively.
  • Use fund by investing and allocating monies as directed by executive management and as position sees fit.

Corporate Financial Officer
January 2009-October 2014


  • Reported to executive management regarding the status and development of the company’s financial assets and funds.
  • Managed all processes that affected the balances of company funds and oversaw all transactions that took place within company finances.
  • Developed strategies for optimization of finances within company and mitigation of any risks that were identified.

Investment Intern
September 2006-January 2009



  • Worked alongside corporate financial officer and rest of financial department to observe and learn investment practices.
  • Conducted research regarding investment prospects to provide to financial department and apply to financial transactions.
  • Carried out basic financial transactions in managing company funds and developing understanding of corporate finance.


Master of Business Administration in Financial Management


School of Money Management
Bachelor of Business Administration in Fund Strategy


University of Finance
Hobbies and Interests

When I am not busy working, I do whatever I can to relax and maintain a healthy work-life balance. I typically do this by engaging in mindful activities, such as yoga, meditation, and exercise, on my days off. I practice yoga and meditation through attending classes at my local studio, and I exercise by running and biking when I am able. These activities help me maintain my health and wellbeing. I am passionate about helping others do the same, so I often volunteer to host mindfulness workshops at the YMCA or at work for my colleagues who are interested.


Fund Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Fund Manager Do?

A fund manager is a senior financial management position tasked with overseeing and improving the funds of a business. You may be responsible for managing the fund of a particular department or for the company as a whole, but whatever capacity you work in, you will perform duties such as transferring, depositing, and withdrawing funds; making investments; strategically growing funds; and creating policies for future success and fund growth. This position requires a fund manager to be familiar with all aspects of financial management and be proficient in creating reports reflecting the data and policies generated. If you are wondering how to incorporate these aspects into your curriculum vitae, take a look at our fund manager CV example for more information and ideas.

Tips for Creating a Great Fund Manager CV

Nothing will catch the attention of a potential employer like a great curriculum vitae. If writing one seems challenging, though, the example above should help. These tips are another great place to start in creating a CV that can win the job:

  • Do highlight the transferability of your skills and experience to make it clear that you can perform in a range of positions.
  • Don’t get invested in a narrative at the expense of communicating clear and important facts about your qualifications.
  • Do prioritize simplicity above details when it comes to communicating the most important aspects of your professional self.
  • Don’t make your CV difficult to skim and glean the most important information from in a quick glance.
  • Do make it clear that you are a well-rounded professional by including volunteer work and hobbies on your CV in addition to prior work experience.

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