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International Job Opportunities:
The British Isles

Fraud / Identity Theft Resources

"The UK’s Fraud Prevention Service." This not-for-profit membership association represents the private and public sectors and is dedicated to the prevention of fraud including staff fraud and the identification of financial and related crime. They have information on preventing identity theft (for UK citizens this includes protecting your National Insurance number as well as bank accounts etc.) and offer information on how to proceed if your information is incorrect or if you need to report possible identity theft for yourself or someone else.
…created as a partnership between several organizations this site helps you determine if you are a victim advice on how to protect yourself from becoming a victim and what to do / where to turn for help for yourself or someone you know.

You might also be interested in our page on Scams & Schemes

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Salary / Compensation Guides

Salary in the London UK Area
Average salary as reported by the registered users of (employers and employees). Register for free to search jobs review employers research salaries and more.
…operated by the Adecco Group UK & Ireland family of recruitment companies in conjunction with Salary Track allows you to compare your salary to the UK national average. Salary data is gathered from millions of UK job postings listed with job boards recruitment agencies corporate websites and the associated listed companies. The average salaries are then calculated using the ‘median’ value i.e. the middle number when all of these salaries are listed in numerical order. These calculations are made over a rolling three month period so you can always ensure that the information you get is always up to date. Terrific tool and free. While you are here go back to the Adecco front page to search their many job listings and read the latest employment and career news.
Average Salaries:
Offers UK-wide aggregated data on salaries with a note as to which ones have been increasig and which ones haven’t. While you are here check out their Tax Calculator to get an idea of how much income tax plus National Insurance will be taken out of your check each week month or year. That’s a nice way to start budget planning.

You should also review the regional resources for Western Europe.

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Career Services

… career advice for career professionals youth entering the world of work and lifelong learners. Simply click on the appropriate link to access the information you need.
The Fuller CV
This UK firm offers career advice and CV preparation services. They work with graduates as well as professionals needing assistance with the CV. Yes you can register for a free review of your CV but all visitors are welcome to review the many career articles they have available along with the links to UK job resources.

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General Resources and Recruiters


Based in central London Acre was founded in 2003 to respond to the growing need for professionals in the Environment Corporate Responsibility Sustainability and Climate Change sectors. They work to place environmental sustainability and safety professionals in full-time or contract positions all around the world. They have a terrific number of jobs currently listed on their site most of which are based in the UK but offering several in other regions. Take some time to review the many resources in their Knowledge Center including White Papers Salary Surveys and CV/cover letter tips.
"Search for Jobs in the UK." Nice career search engine compiling huge lists of jobs that cover the spectrum from gardeners up to the CEO suite all across the UK. You can search by keyword and location on the front page or select Browse Jobs at the bottom of the page to scan job categories locations or company / recruiter name. No registration neccesary unless you want use their Adzuna Connect feature which will require authorization to access your LinkedIn and/or Facebook account.
Agency Central
…browse or search these lists of recruitment agencies in England Scotland Wales and Ireland to find those that focus on your field or industry. Even better each industry list includes lists of jobs sites career events media sources and professional associations and institutions for that field or industry. The agency lists for each field or industry can be reviewed by skill set county or alphabetically by name.
UK-based job site using an indexer to cover other sites then adding in a few direct posts. You do not need to register nor even put in your email address unless you’d like to set up an automatic job agent. You’ll find the business address on the Terms and Conditions page and the name of the managing director in the Blogs (Dave Martin not Boris).
Boots UK
"The UK’s leading pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer." As part of the Alliance Boots pharmacy-led health and beauty group Boots maintains almost 2500 stores across the UK and Ireland. From the company website you can easily connect with Boots Careers and search for pharmacy optician or other store personnel in the UK and Ireland as well as head office jobs. They also have a specific section for Graduates.
British Jobs
… search for jobs in Scotland Britain or Wales. Browse by location or by category or use the search function that combines location category and contract type (permanent or temporary) plus any keywords you want to add.
Capita Resourcing
…professional resourcing firm (recruiting firm) based in the UK. Interested persons can review some current searches on their website. You can also review some good advice on CV and interviewing preparation.
…"an employment search engine for the UK. It allows you to search a growing selection of jobsites in one go saving you the trouble of having to go to each site individually". It is nicer than many other meta-job-search engines that I have seen. I do like the lists of Job Offers by Industry and By Function and the Company Directory on the front page.
…nice looking site with employment listings for the UK. You can easily browse by the most recent listings sector(industry) job role (title) or location and while browsing you can see how many listings are under each category. Any user can review the full job announcements without registering but you will need to register and create an account in order to apply for jobs located here (free of course). One thing I liked here — in this day of scamming the job seekers this site has placed a warning at the bottom of all online listings reminding you that no employer should ever request your bank account information and they provide an email address for you to alert them if you have any problems. Nice guys! They also have some very good career advice so check out those articles.
…a meta-search for jobs in the UK. Check4Jobs claims to be "the UK’s Fastest Job Search" and I will say it is fast. Check4Jobs is operated by Check4 Ltd. "a market leading professional in Job Board Design development hosting and maintenance. Other services include website optimisation internet marketing and pay per click campaign management."
Would you believe that this job board was started by a debt litigation company? They decided it was in their best interests to help their clients find new employment which is pretty considerate of them but there is a little hitch. It is free for job seekers to use the site and to register (required in order to apply for the jobs) but take note that they will sell your information to other sites and services for the purpose of advertising. There are a lot of good jobs listed here so I guess it is up to you how you feel about this.
A job board for freelance professionals covering over 20 leading industry sectors in all regions of the world. Users can search for contracts and submit a CV for consideration. You do not necessarily need to create an account nor upload your CV to this site but doing this will put you in their database for recruiters and employers to search. It also allows you to set up email alerts and save contracts for review. It looks very good but be sure you check the start/end dates on the contracts.
…lots of jobs for the UK. You do not need to register your CV in order to view and/or apply for jobs posted here but the "alternate" application is pretty darn close to registering. Please note that they are specific about the prior need for a UK work visa for non-citizens. If you are not currently eligible to work in the UK do not apply here.

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DBA HR Solutions
…a provider of human resource services including recruiting. They offer executive search services contingency recruiting and even temporary/interim opportunities. Candidates are welcome to register with them but please read over their expectations from you as well as what you can expect from them in return.
…working to promote diversity in the workplace. Your business can announce its openings to a qualified audience from varied backgrounds. Job seekers can search the database and review job leads but you will need to register (free) in order to apply for the listings you find.
Exclusive Recruitment
Offering recruitment service to clients and candidates across the North East and Yorkshire in Accountancy & Finance Engineering & Technical Executive Search Human Resources and Sales / Marketing / Administrative (includes Legal). The positions they work to fill include permanent temp or interim and you can easily search their many available openings on the site sending your CV in response to specific opportunities that interest you. They also encourage you to register your CV for future reference.
4exMilitary is a web-based recruitment and resettlement training agency founded in 2001 by ex-military personnel. Based in the UK their primary candidates are transitioning and former personnel who served in the Royal Navy etc. but they also recruit for the same from other countries to serve clients out of country. Please note the specific qualifications for each job listed as some have certain security clearances listed. You can review much of the site and search the jobs database without registering but you will need to register (free) and provide a certain amount of personal data in order to apply for openings listed here. On the right side under the heading of "Site" you’ll see a category for Downloads. These are short documents you can download and review and they include many good job search guides. Non-UK personnel will definitely want to look at the info guide on preparing your CV as they have a slightly different format from the US resume.
The Franchise Shop
"UK Franchises For Sale Franchise Opportunities & Franchise Directory." You can search or browse through their lists of UK-based opportunites and read about the specific franchises in various industries/service offerings. You can request free information about any and all that interest you. You do not need to enter your personal data unless you are requesting info but if you wish you can register to receive their free newsletter or become a member of their NetFrog networking forum. The Franchise Shop is based in Keith Scotland and their contact info can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting "Contact Us".

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…nice looking site for the UK. You can easily search jobs or use the menu under "Research Industry" to pull up all the job listings in one specific field. Registering your CV here is not required for applications but will make things easier if you use this site often.

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…UK career search engine that claims to cover all the UK job boards. If you take a look at the "Jobs Magazine" at the bottom of the page or the "Browse Jobs" at the top you can see how they make that claim. There’s a lot of jobs indexed here! Looks pretty good. No registration but you can Save jobs you find during a search (a cookie is deposited in your browser until you "clear saved searches" on this page). There is also a US version.
Job search engine for the UK. This company also operates JobiJoba search engines for France Spain the US and Belgium. They would like you to register (free) which would allow you to set up job alerts save searches and upload a resume/CV but I don’t see any reason to upload the resume.
…a UK jobsite operated by Antevenio that hosts its own job postings while also sourcing listings from other partner sites. You can search by keyword or browse by location or job sector. You will be allowed to review the full listing but in order to apply for jobs posted here you will need to register and upload your CV. This gives you the ability to store up to 10 CVs and to track your searches and it is all free but it will not carry your CV over to the "partner" sites. It is an easy site to use. Please note — this site does not include Ireland.
…job search indexer for the UK. You can search by your own choice of keywords and/or location or select a Top Job Search from the list at the bottom of the page. This site is operated by Grupo Intercom.
…UK job board. You do not need to register until you want to apply for a job you found here. Okay board but I really hate having to scroll past the Google ads to get to the reason why I’m here — the job listings! They also have a US job board.
…meta-indexer of job sites for the UK.
JobSafari United Kingdom
…a job search engine for this country. You can either select from the job categories and regions on the front page or execute a keyword search. When you select the job that interests you you are taken to the originating organization’s website to read the full announcement and apply. Operated by the folks at JobIndex in Denmark. This is part of the JobSafari International network and you can access the the other sites from the bottom of the front page.
…jobs in London and the rest of the UK for English speaking professionals. This is one of the many international sites operated by JobsinHubs.
Jobsite UK
…nice job database for the UK. Use the keyword search at the top or work through the industry channels. They have partners in several other countries as well as dedicated UK job databases (Cityjobs and the National Health Services). You’ll find those links at the bottom of the front page.

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Major Recruitment
…founded in Yorkshire but operating agencies across the UK Major Recruitment has numerous opportunities for persons in this country. Because they have several divisions focusing on various occupational areas they offer a variety of openings from industrial to technical to hospitality and other areas.
Morgan Hunt
…" provides an innovative range of recruitment consultancy and headhunting services to leading global firms SME’s (small and medium enterprises) government bodies and institutions". The group provides "tailored recruitment solutions including temporary & contract staff outsourcing permanent recruitment interim management and executive search. […] Our main areas of expertise fall within Local Government HR Jobs Central Government Departments Local and National Agencies Education Housing Associations Health Organisations and Charities. Our vertical markets include Revenues and Benefits Public Sector Finance Administration Social Housing Regeneration & Development Education Technical Strategy & Policy and Marketing & Communications." They have many jobs in numerous career areas currently listed and they are eager to receive your CV.
…a fast-growing network of over 100 regional job boards covering England Scotland and Wales. To select a targeted board to search click on "Our JobSites" select the region that interests you and find the board that covers your target territory.
Njobs British Job Search Engine
…career site indexer specializing in gathering listings from across the British Isles. You can search by keyword and location or browse the listings by location or occupation. They also operate career search engines for other European countries.
…a job-search engine for the UK and Ireland so they are polling other sites to collect the listing information and sending you to the original site to read the full listing and submit your resume/CV. While I am not a big fan of these types of sites I do like they way these guys have made it possible for you to target your search by region and job category. I particularly like the ability to select a country and then browse just a few counties or regions.

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Part Time Jobs UK Jobs Network
…nothing but part-time jobs for folks in the UK. At the time of review it was pretty small so keyword searching was unnecessary. It is one of those sites that collects this listings from its partners so when you find something interesting you will be sent to the original site.
Quantum Recruitment
…a UK based recruitment agency specialising in the healthcare hospitality construction and office sectors. You can search their full database from the front page or opt for the specific sector that interests you and browse all the jobs from that page. In either case they would very much like to hear from you and to have a chance to review your CV. Don’t have a CV? Use their form to create and submit one! Quantum Recruitment is based in Bournemouth.
…job search board for the UK. You can easily scan the job categories on the front page then select the area that interests you. Nice feature — with each category is the number of current listings in that area. The advanced search will let you search by location. You can search and look at jobs all you want but when it comes time to apply you will need to register. Reed Executive PLC
Jobs in a variety of fields including technical support and finance and accounting fields. You can register your skills at no cost. Check out their regional salary calculator for the UK.

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Search Consultancy Ltd.
Headquartered in Glasgow with office across the UK Search Consultancy Ltd. is one of the UK’s fastest growing total recruitment companies. "With 13 sites based throughout the country we offer candidates and clients the full range of specialist recruitment services across eighteen commercial/industry sectors." Job seekers can easily search their database of current assignments and submit a CV in response to any or just sign up online for free submit a CV for future consideration and set up email job alerts.
…large job search site for the UK but also listing a few jobs in other countries. Guests can review jobs for free and review job application information but registered users are the only onew who can use the "apply by email" feature to submit resumes to employers.
The Times (London)
…an excellent resource for world headlines and business news. Click on the Classified link to reach the Appointments (jobs) and Executive Appointments sections. Browse the listings here by company or search the jobs by industry or keyword. Register to post your CV. Career Advice can be found under the Appointments link.
…thousands of jobs in many fields mostly but not exclusively covering the British Isles. Search by job field keyword or location (regional then UK Europe and "the rest of the world"). Site has excellent features including a nice "CV Advice" section with samples. You can review general salary data (UK) for many jobs and from here pull up relevant jobs in the database. Other nice areas on this site are the lists of Employers and Agencies which you can review by name (alphabetical) or industry sector. Free registration lets you create a mailing profile registration of your CV is optional. Very nice!
UK Jobs Network
…UK job indexer pulling together listings from employers as well as other job sites into one very neat and easy-to-use package. You can search by title location etc. on the front page but before you do that just take a look at the various subsections they have listed. This will substantially reduce your search load. There’s an occasional off-listing (dental care under Ag & Forestry?) but for the most part you will find everything in its proper place. The date shown in the right column is the date the ad was indexed by this site in most cases the same day as the ad was posted on its original site.

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…a site offering information and the ability to register with select recruiting agencies for people planning to emigrate to the UK in order to find work. Please note: This company does not provide visa assistance. They are providing information and select resources to assist you in finding work. The site is free but you will need to register in order to make contact with recruiting agencies who handle non-UK based job seekers. There is a free searchable job database on this site (right side of the screen) but many of the listings require you to be a citizen or already in possession of a work visa. Workgateways is based in Australia and is operated by the same folks who run Workthing
…Anything from Accountants to Admin Assistants; Cooks to Chief Executives. Search for jobs check out careers and much more.
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Jobs in Bournemouth and Poole with Castle Cover
This home and motor insurer is recruiting for personnel to join its expanding workforce. "If you live in Dorset and are looking for jobs in Bournemouth we can offer you a new career in one of the UK’s fastest growing home and motor insurers." Apply online or call to speak with them.
Jobs in Leeds
…a job board dedicated to advertising jobs in the Leeds area. "Our aim is to assist local businesses connect with local jobseekers quickly and cost effectively." You can easily search and review the jobs currently being advertised without registering and some will permit you to apply without creating an account on the site but many of the advertised positions will require you to create an account (this can be done at the time you are applying). There are great jobs posted here and a large number of them so those of you who live here or want to work in this region are well served by searching here.

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Ireland & Northern Ireland
Office and administrative jobs in Ireland. "Our aim is to provide the best admin jobs office jobs HR jobs and temp jobs in Dublin Cork Galway and across Ireland from all employers and recruitment agencies in Ireland." It is a very new board but already filled with lots of good stuff. Registration (free) is not required to search the board nor look at the jobs but it might be helpful for applications if you see lots of things you like.
BluePrint Specialist Appointments
…located in Belfast Northern Ireland this group of specialist consultants cover Construction Engineering IT Legal Technical Sales & Marketing and Scientific Jobs. Search their list of current openings and submit your CV in response to any you see. Or if you prefer you can create a free account and upload your CV to make it easier to apply and to also be considered for positions before they are posted. Part of the Grafton Group of recruiting companies.
…no jobs but lots of information on how to go about looking for a job in Ireland.
…jobs in Ireland. Free registration is required to view full job announcements including registration of your CV. You can view short entries for all listings without registering. I like the categories on the left side with an indication of how many listings are under each.
FÁS (Foras Áiseanna Saothair)
Ireland’s National Training and Employment Authority. They operate employment and training centers around the country as well as recruiting services for jobseekers and employers. Jobseekers have access to career guidance CV preparation job listings information on work permits and much more. Their FAS Jobs Ireland jobs database offers numerous jobs in various locations and industries. There is much to learn just by going through the site and seeing everything it offers.
Grafton Recruitment
Established in 1982 on Grafton Street in Belfast Grafton Recruitment is part of a group that includes 5 brands and a network of 72 offices in 18 countries including Belgium Chile China Czech Republic France Hungary Ireland Lithuania Poland Portugal Romania Russia Singapore Slovakia Spain Turkey UAE & the UK. This particular site features jobs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. If you see something that interests you you can either call the representative listed or create a free account and upload your CV.
…jobs in all areas of health care for Ireland. I also saw postings for Northern Ireland and some UK but this is really focused on the Republic of Ireland. You can quickly see the various job sectors in the left column on the front page (along with a current count of the number of jobs under each) or search by location etc. Open for all visitors to use and search but you will need to create a free account to submit applications.
….hospitality hotel and catering jobs in Ireland Northern Ireland and the UK.
HRM Recruitment Group
….a leading recruiting service in Ireland HRM Recruitment has different specialist business units for senior executive middle management and executive support across numerous industry specialties. Within each area you can easily review a partial list of current search assignments / job openings and easily submit your CV in response to a specific announcement. If you see a lot here that interests you please consider registering your CV since they do not post all of their current searches on the pages plus they have contract and interim management assignments that may interest you.
Very nice site handling the Irish job market. Search jobs by keyword or look at the various databases (agencies companies engineering accounting graduates.) Submit a resume to their IT or Non-IT CV databases. They also have an IT Worldwide section for employers/job seekers looking outside of Ireland.
…part of the "JobsinHubs" family JobinDublin focuses on "job offers with an international outlook in Ireland". What I think that means is these jobs are based in Dublin but often include an international factor such as additional language skills. Anyway there are some good jobs there is not registration necessary unless you want to get their e-newsletter and it’s easy to find review and apply for jobs. Some cool widgets too which you’ll catch as you mouse over each job listing.
JobRapido Ireland
…search through all job vacancies posted on all websites in Ireland. You must use keywords. No browse feature here. I do like seeing the dates showing when the jobs were indexed.
…jobs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The site is very easy to navigate by category or location and if you want you can execute a search that excludes all the Recruitment Agencies. Registration is not required to view listings nor apply for positions found here. The group that runs this site runs others but the listings on those sites can be easily accessed under the appropriate categories from this main location.
Manpower Ireland
…this division of the international ManpowerGroup offers permanent and temporary opportunities in Ireland but connects you with opportunities worldwide (multilingual specialists are in demand!). Jobseekers are welcome to search and review all the current openings and submit a CV/resume in response to a specific position. This will require you create a free account but once that is done any future applications will be very quick. Check the "Resources" section under Jobseeker for all sorts of tips including their free annual salary survey.
…the job site of the Belfast Telegraph. You can easily search the listings by keyword industry sector and location even opting for all jobs or just those posted by a recruitment agency or the employer. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page for links that let you browse by company recruitment agency location or industry sector. You can also scan for just the Public Sector or the Executive jobs. Nice site. Please note that there are some jobs for the Republic of Ireland listed here too.
…you can easily search jobs on this site dedicated to Northern Ireland. Register to post your resume or receive job leads via E-mail.
"Specialist Scientific Recruitment consultancy with a focus on the pharmaceutical biotechnology chemical environmental engineering and scientific sectors in Ireland." This site is operated by the Life Science Recruitment Group a specialist recruitment agency with a specific focus on the recruitment and selection of professionals for the pharmaceutical medical biotechnology allied healthcare clinical research medical device and scientific sectors in Ireland and the UK. You can easily browse jobs in your field search for jobs by category title and location or merely look at everything in their database. Registration is not necessary for viewing or applying for jobs posted here but registering your CV will put your information in front of their recruiters for comments as well as more one-on-one contact with them.

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Scotland | |
…3 sites dedicated to finding work in Scotland and while they are interconnected they do target in on their specific areas. You’ll find even more targets at the bottom of the page.
…operated by the same folks who run the sites above this one is focused on the oil and gas mining/development industry. 99% of the jobs listed here are in Scotland with a few others tagged for "UK and Europe". Lots of jobs though. Good site if you are focused on this industry.
Great site for job searching in Scotland. Look around all you want it’s free. However when it comes time to apply you will need to set up an account that includes your CV but that is free and easy to do on the fly. If you are only interested in Public Sector jobs use the button towards the right to search just that portion of the database as it is easier to find/review these listings in this way. Otherwise they are picked up in the main search. This is a really nice site which is easy to use.
"…hundreds of Scottish jobs throughout the country including Glasgow Edinburgh Dundee Aberdeen and Ayrshire." At the time of review there were well over 800 active pretty current job listings here. You do not need to have a candidate account on the site to utilize the "apply now" feature but that free account will let you store a resume and save your searches. Nice resource for this country.

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…supplying temporary and permanent personnel throughout north Wales. "We specialise in office personnel including: secretaries administrators data inputters receptionists accounts and payroll personnel IT and student placements. Industrial and catering staff are also available." The site is easy to use and easy to search then if you find something that interests you submit your CV directly to the firm.

There are many resources on this page that cover Wales in addition to other countries. To find them use the "Find" command in your browser (usually Control-F).

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Resources for Specific Groups Industries and/or Professions

Executive Resources || Student / Fresher / Graduates || Finance / Accounting / Fraud || IT / IS || Healthcare / Medical / Scientific || Hospitality / Travel || Public / Nonprofit || Academic / Education || Engineering / Architecture || Construction / Manufacturing / Trades || Legal Services / Law Enforcement || Office & Corporate Support Services || Sales / Marketing / Media || Personal Services

Many recruiting resources for the Rail Industry are listed on our page for Transportation and we have a number of firms offering opportunities for Interim Executives on our page for Executive Job Search.

Executive Resources

"The UK’s leading independent provider of high level interim executives." Qualified candidates can review a list of currently available assignments before submitting a CV for their database. Please read over their selection criteria before registering and do not submit a CV unless you meet these criteria. They also have placements in Europe.
Boyden UK Executive Search
Boyden is a retained search firm with over 70 offices in 40 countries worldwide. The UK Executive Search office opened in 2003 to bring the expertise of this organization into the local area. As with all Boyden offices this one offers search services covering all industry sectors and disciplines along with Interim Management solutions. Highly qualified candidates in the UK are welcome to submit a CV for consideration. Candidates from other regions of the world are encouraged to contact the appropriate regional office.
Burns Carlton Plc
Offers executive search and selection for mid-level and senior positions in Finance and Banking; FMCG and Retail; Technology; Support Services; Manufacturing Engineering and Construction; and Supply Chain and Transport. You can review current searches and positions advertised with this firm on their website. Burns Carlton has offices in London and Yorkshire.
…executive career service for leading professionals in the U.K. and around the world. Based on your qualifications and career goals it matches you to specific senior management jobs and provides confidential access to a pre-approved headhunter network. It scouts out the job market on your behalf. Visitors can review basic information on a few current listings before registering but full job details and contact information is only presented to registered users (free). You are assured of confidentiality in your search at this site. They review all registrations to verify who they are and while companies can register and post jobs they are not allowed to search candidate profiles. That service is reserved for recruiting firms. They also review all posted jobs to verify the information is correct and still current. There are 2 levels of membership Basic (free) and Premium (unknown fee). I would suggest you initially register for a Basic membership and if it proves useful and helpful expand into the Premium. Experteer is international with sites focused on several European countries and the US. The list is at the bottom of the front page.
Impact Executives
…a leading interim management provider to organisations of every size in the UK and globally. They serve clients across numerous industry sectors and in a variety of job functions and if you have experience at the senior / board level they would very much like to hear from you. You can review a very short list of current opportunities or a much longer list of past assignments before submitting your CV. Impact Executives is part of the global recruitment consultancy Harvey Nash Group plc.
…started in 2009 this is a UK employment website focusing on professional recruitment. It is operated by Integrated Business Systems of Geneva Switzerland who also operates similar services for Switzerland and France. Registration is free but is not necessary to review the site not apply for most job posted here. Contact information for IBS is included in the Privacy Policy documentation.
Russam GMS
…a long-established interim management provider in the UK. With over 30 years experience they have an excellent reputation and top-level clients. You can review a very short list of current assignments but the majority of their available assignments are confidential. They would like you to register as an Interim Manager. Women managers — they have an entire business devoted to you.
Scott Jardine
…an Executive Search firm with offices in London and Birmingham in the UK. "We operate nationwide and also internationally through our membership with People Solutions International. We specialise in retained search in the Aerospace Defence Engineering and Banking & Finance sectors recruiting up to Chief Executive level." Qualified candidates are welcome to review the current list of Vacancies on their website and to submit a CV in response to any search. If you do not see something that matches your personal requirements please submit a CV for future consideration.

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Student / Fresher / Graduates

Graduate Jobs Network
…a UK job site indexer pulling together listings intended for graduates (i.e. entry-level jobseekers recently graduated from college). They include listing from employer websites as well as other job search sites. In some cases the jobs are for more experienced professionals but all in all this site really pulls in some good things. Operated by UK Jobs Network.
Graduate Recruitment Bureau
…a recruitment consultancy placing graduates into graduate jobs. "We provide a free career matchmaking service for students and graduates." They have services for recent graduates current students (includes internships) and graduates with work experience looking for their next great career experience. You can look at all of the information advice and jobs but if you want to apply for a specific job you will need to register (free). This will also give you a chance to upload your CV so they can review it as assignments come in but they will never share it with potential employers without your permission.
Prospects Web
…"PROSPECTS web is the essential guide to graduate careers and postgraduate study in the UK and part of the PROSPECTS series published by CSU the Higher Education Careers Services Unit." They have current job listings divided into various groups lists of employers and top recruiters great career info and postgrad info.
…a source for part-time and season jobs internships (work placements) and even "gap year" jobs. All visitors can search the listings and review the full announcements but you will need to create an account (free) to submit applications. The many national StudentJob sites (UK Germany Belgium Netherlands Spain and France) are operated by StudentJob based in Amsterdam.

Specific Groups