Cost Controller CV Example


There’s no better method for guaranteeing yourself a job interview with a top company than by creating a well-written CV. Employers love it when you make their hiring process easier, and you have a clear, concise CV that answers all their questions about why they should hire you.

Next to the job interview, the CV is the most important factor in many employers’ hiring decisions. If you want to ensure your CV gets noticed the next time you submit it, look at the cost controller CV example printed out below.

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Rose Smith

4673 Front Street, Lansing, MI 11111

E: T: 555-362-4209

Professional Summary

Highly skilled financial guru with a knack for taking companies in more positive directions with their finances. Professional cost controller with more than 16 years of experience working in a supervisory role. Excellent ability to make sound recommendations about spending, budgets, and billing, which have helped companies improve their profit margins significantly. Strong understanding of federal, state, and local financial standards, tax regulations, and best practices in budgeting. Exceptional ability in financial analysis, auditing, and policy design.

  • ?Highly skilled expert at using industry accounting software, such as Hyperion, Fund, QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Sage MIP Fund Accounting.?Impressive knowledge of economics, budgeting, finance, and accounting and a solid understanding of financial markets and tax code regulations.?Excellent ability to stay organized and focused on each task, even when given many different duties to manage at once.?Proven record of results with supervising a team of employees effectively and getting them to perform at a high level.?Stellar communication skills when delivering important financial information to management, discussing accounts with vendors or customers, or speaking with team members.
Work Experience
Cost Controller
March 2013 – present

  • Supervise a team of bookkeepers, accountants, and other administrative workers in all financial tasks for a business with more than 3,000 employees.
  • Prepare a quarterly budget after consulting with upper management that addresses company objectives for profitability and waste reduction.
  • Review the performance and status of each aspect of the company’s finances and take action when necessary.

Cost Controller
July 2007 – March 2013

  • Managed a team of seven financial services employees in the accounting department of a non-profit organization and delegated duties based on strengths.

  • Evaluated employee performance in the department and made recommendations for recognition or review when needed.

  • Saved the organization $25,000 during the last calendar year by designing a new accountability system for entering in purchase orders.

Cost Controller
April 2003 – July 2007

  • Created new guidelines to help a non-profit organization manage donations and grants more effectively, leading to a 40 percent increase in services rendered for the community.
  • Assessed how the organization followed all federal, state, and local regulations to achieve a high level of transparency with operations and management.
  • Partnered with banking professionals, tax experts, and other financial personnel to further enhance financial resources.

Master of Science in Finance

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor Michigan
Bachelor of Science in Economics

University of Virginia
Charlottesville Virginia
Hobbies and Interests

The most important hobby in my life is my volunteer role playing a princess at children’s parties or hospital visits. I have a collection of famous princess costumes and wigs and am able to take on the role of each princess easily. I travel to parties and hospitals and visit with children. During my visits, I tell stories, hold tea parties, perform songs, or help children dress up as princes or princesses.

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Cost Controller CV Questions

1. How do you write a cost controller CV?

You may compose a curriculum vitae in a word processor or use our resume builder to generate a polished CV step-by-step. Either way, you should start by referencing our cost controller CV sample to see examples of all of the major sections of this professional document in context.

Our CV sample begins with a header that contains the candidate’s full name and contact information. She devotes the following sections to a professional summary and lists of skills, work experience, and education. The candidate draws her CV to a close with a brief discussion of her hobbies and interests.

2. How do you describe achievements on your cost controller CV?

Experienced candidates like the applicant on our cost controller CV sample may have saved companies a substantial amount of money and earned formal recognition for their work. You can bring up major recognition or achievements relevant to the job you are seeking in your summary statement or skills section.

If you excelled in a past position, describe achievements in the appropriate entry of your work experience section. You may also consider creating a separate CV section for achievements if your work wins many awards.

3. Should you include references on a cost controller CV?

There is no need to provide information about references on your CV. You should be ready to provide accurate references if employers express interest in learning more about your qualifications for a cost controller position. Reach out to your references as you prepare to apply for a position and obtain the contact information they prefer you to provide to employers.

4. What can you do to make your cost controller CV stand out?

There are several ways to make a CV for a cost controller position stand out. The candidate on our cost controller CV sample draws attention to the extent of her experience and skills in her summary statement and skills section. You may also use metrics in these sections or in the experience section to quantify your work.

The candidate on the CV sample points out the number of employees at her current company and the amount of money her accountability system for purchase orders saved her previous employer. She goes on to point out the increase in services resulting from the implementation of guidelines she set in her first cost controller position.

5. How do you optimize your cost controller CV for an ATS?

An applicant tracking system helps employers narrow down the number of CVs and other application materials for an available position to the most relevant candidates. An ATS searches documents for keywords that an employer identifies as being significant and weeds out spam and irrelevant submissions. The best way to optimize your CV for an ATS is to carefully read the description of the job you want, identify significant keywords, and use these words and phrases in your document.

Cost Controller CV Must-Haves

What Does a Cost Controller Do?

In the cost controller CV example, there are plenty of typical job duties spread out throughout the document. Getting a job in this role means you may act as a supervisor for a team of employees in an accounting or finance department. Cost controllers monitor their team of employees for effective work and efficient practices. They are responsible for determining the direction of a company in regards to finances and budgetary practices. They may prepare reports detailing past results or develop future recommendations based on past performance.

These leaders often work with other members of the management team to make the best decisions about improving the financial performance of an organization. They also make sure the organization is compliant when it comes to financial regulations and local laws.

Tips for Creating a Great Cost Controller CV

It is possible to make a great impression if you go beyond the basics of a well-written CV. Here are some ways to craft a great document for the financial industry:

– Insert relevant quantities and metrics throughout your CV to demonstrate how you’ve helped companies save money, improve their finances, and more in your role.
– Make a list of the computer accounting software programs you have expertise in to prove you are prepared to work in the 21st century.
– Provide evidence of your strong ability to lead a team of professionals and give examples of your success in this topic.
– Ensure you use a variety of clear, compelling action verbs throughout your work history to truly make a strong impression on the hiring manager.
– Maintain a professional tone in your CV by focusing on your accomplishments and veering away from any type of political or religious views.