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The first impression you make on an employer can dictate whether you get an interview or a rejection. That is why it is so important you create an engaging, good-looking, and informative CV. This document should highlight your professional experience, education and training, skills, and hobbies in a way that captures the hiring manager’s interests. Use the following credit officer CV example and job-specific must-haves to get helpful tips on content and formatting that could take your document from forgettable to unforgettable. A strong CV can keep the attention of a hiring manager.
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Todd Anderson

4565 South Word Way ,Westhaven, CT 11111

E: T: 555-666-5656

Professional Summary

Professional credit risk analyst with years of experience at lending institutions and banks. Proficient knowledge in assessing the creditworthiness of personal and commercial clients. Strong analytical skills, but also able to build strong relationships with clients. Always learning and taking advantage of educational opportunities to keep current in legal and compliance issues.

    ?Skilled in various analytical and financial analysis software, such as SAS, Fair Isaac Capstone Decision Manager, and Experian Credinomics.?Excellent ability to work with teams across a variety of departments.?Strong leadership and management skills.?Excellent negotiation skills.?Effective at organization and multitasking duties.?Able to make quick and effective judgment calls by using analytical tools and critical thinking skills. ?Outstanding written and oral communication skills,?Able to solve problems both qualitatively and quantitatively.?Exceptional customer service skills.
Work Experience
Senior Credit Risk Analyst
May 2012- Present

  • Supervise team of 10 credit risk analysts and coordinate between them and management.
  • Analyze financial data, such as market share and income growth, to determine expected loan profitability.
  • Negotiate credit disputes with loan office personnel.
  • Developed marketing strategy to reach more retail banking clients, resulting in a new loan origination of $150 million per year.

Credit Risk Analyst
January 2008- May 2012

  • Consulted with clients to verify credit and financial transactions.

  • Recommended payment plans based on payment history, earnings, purchase activity, and savings data.

  • Maintained service level agreements by managing an average of 10 loans per day.

  • Received ‘employee of the year’ award due to my outstanding competence and attention to detail.

Associate Credit Analyst
June 2005- January 2008

  • Oversaw preparation and review of quarterly and fiscal-year reports.
  • Analyzed ratings migration to identify risk at the sector level.
  • Performed regular review of client accounts.
  • Tested and executed analytical software upgrades to help improve performance levels.

MBA in Finance and Accounting

Bachelor in Finance

University of Connecticut
Hobbies and Interests

During my downtime, I enjoy running, and I travel a few times a year to run marathons in different areas of the world. I am passionate about helping those who are less fortunate and am involved with a number of charity groups in my community. I also conduct free seminars throughout the year to help the less fortunate build their credit.

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Credit Risk Analyst CV Must-Haves

What Does a Credit Risk Analyst Do?

A credit risk analyst spends much of his or her time analyzing business and personal loan applications. Using data such as cash flow, debt, and other financial data, an analyst will determine the applicant’s level of risk in taking out a loan. An analyst works with senior management or loan officers and recommends a loan denial or approval based off of his or her analysis. Other duties may include managing client inquiries, assessing credit markets, and handling bankruptcies. Key skills include attention to detail, analytical thinking, self-control, dependability, and customer service. Using the credit risk analyst CV example as a guide, make sure your CV demonstrates your abilities in these areas to stand out from other analyst applicants.

Tips for Creating a Great Credit Risk Analyst CV

As you begin to write your credit risk analyst CV, keep these guidelines in mind:

-Your personal summary statement is the first, and maybe only, part a hiring manager will see, so make sure you use concise statements to demonstrate why you would be the perfect person for the job.
-Include measurable results when listing your work experience. For example, say how many accounts you managed, how much you increased the bottom line for the company, or mention a system you invented that has improved productivity.
-Don’t forget to include your computer and technology background as an analyst.
-Remember that attention to detail is demonstrated in this CV. Make sure it is formatted correctly and it is free from spelling and grammatical errors.
-Don’t include information that is too personal or telling, such as why you left the other jobs. This can be discussed at the interview, if necessary. You should also refrain from including anything in your curriculum vitae that might open the door to intentional or unintentional discrimination, such as bringing up your race, politics, or religion.


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