Retail Team Leader CV Example


The last thing you want to do on your job application is to sound like everyone else. Most applicants are going to be coming in with similar experiences, and without customizing your own CV appropriately, you risk not selling yourself fully. This retail team leader CV example offers a good general outline for how you need to write your own CV. After the example, a few additional tips are given. With these two guides combined, you should find that writing a curriculum vitae is much more manageable.

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Miley Stakenas

9806 North Brumswick Avenue , Denver, CO 11111

E: T: 555-198-1767

Professional Summary

Skilled retail team leader with many years of experience leading a team and encouraging staff to reach new heights. Well-rounded abilities that prove to be an asset in any environment. Exceptionally adept at responding to changes and working well under pressure. Excel at utilizing new technology and making it work for the organization efficiently. Passionate about helping others and offering fantastic customer service to every client.

  • -Superior customer service skills to give patrons the best experience possible and always look for ways to improve that experience -Critical thinking skills to evaluate weaknesses and strengths in company’s processes to find ways to improve -Knowledge of marketing principles and experience with applying those principles to real-world scenarios -Expertise with point of sale software, including QuickBooks and WinMan SureSell -Familiarity with most pieces of equipment that are used around retail stores, such as money order terminals and magnetic card readers
Work Experience
Retail Team Leader
April 2016 – Present

  • Respond to customer complaints and inquiries and work until conflict is resolved.
  • Direct employees by developing comprehensive schedules and listening to critiques about business operations to try to create a better working environment.
  • Play an active role in the hiring process and coach new hires; offer evaluations at the 30-day mark to see if new individuals should continue to be employed.
  • Maximize performance by offering incentives to employees who go above and beyond their required duties.
  • Collaborate with marketing department to develop new advertising strategies that better implement social media.

Store Manager
August 2013 – April 2016

  • Monitored sales activities and took notes when the store was less profitable than normal.

  • Assigned duties to employees based on their skillsets.

  • Planned budgets and found creative solutions when budget was running thin, including locating superfluous expenses and cutting them.

  • Formulated pricing policies depending on what would be needed to turn an ideal profit.

Shift Manager
January 2013 – August 2013

  • Kept records of all sales and resolved discrepancies when they came up.
  • Enforced security rules around the store and warehouse and wrote employees up when they broke those rules.
  • Reviewed inventory and made recommendations to upper management when a particular item was selling well so company could restock more of that item.
  • Established goals around the company, including quotas all team members were expected to meet.

Associate’s Degree in Marketing

Community College of Aurora
Denver CO

Hobbies and Interests

I am an excellent guitar player, and I put this talent to use in a local jazz band. We perform every week at a local club, and we have earned great reviews from local newspapers about our proficiency with such a difficult style of music to master.

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Retail Team Leader CV Must-Haves

What Does a Retail Team Leader Do?

Leadership skills are a necessity to be a retail team leader. You will be in charge of managing a team of employees to ensure they all remain on task and do their jobs effectively. You may also need to set goals for the team to meet and offer incentives to meet those goals. Team leaders also interact with the public, and if a customer has a complaint about the store, then they will most likely want to speak with you. This means you need to know how to resolve conflicts. Other responsibilities include recruiting new team members, developing marketing strategies across a variety of platforms, and maintaining records of sales. Even if you are skilled with all these tasks, it will not mean much if you cannot convey it effectively like the retail team leader CV example does so efficiently above.

Tips for Creating a Great Retail Team Leader CV

Read through your curriculum vitae once more to make sure it follows these additional tips:

-There is no need to include both a home and mobile phone number if they are the same. Simply put one number that can be used to reach you.
-Work experiences should be formatted using bullet points, which will make the section easier to read.
-Include a mix of responsibilities under Work Experience. Your most recent position can include leadership duties while jobs you had years ago can state your familiarity with basic cleaning or customer service tasks.
-Have a combination of personal, managerial, and digital skills under the Skills area.
-You never need to say why you left a previous job on your curriculum vitae. You can save that information for the interview, and even then, you do not have to talk about it unless asked.