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Resume Templates: Cultural Studies graduate


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Professional Profile
Exceptional and action-oriented recent Cultural Studies graduate and Fulbright Scholar with a remarkable passion for immigrant advocacy, under-served populations, interracial relations and team leadership. Prolific founder of award-winning programs with repeated success in engaging stakeholders, staff, colleagues, students and the community at large in innovative programs. Solution-focused, tech-savvy leader, aggressively tackling every task with a positive attitude and a sense of mission.

Key Skills
Program Development and Implementation Team Motivation Training and Supervision Event Management Multi-Media Presentations Program Evaluation and Improvement

Fulbright Scholar September 2013 to June 2014 Fulbright – University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC Researched and developed program delivery models for implementation of programs and services to enable international student success in higher education. Coordinated International Welcome Orientation for 400 students by training and supervising 30 student program coordinators. Guided 40 Really Campaign Community of Practice student leaders in presenting advocacy workshops to student population. Prepared and presented summaries and analyses of collected survey data, including tables, graphs and fact sheets. Wrote “International Student Perspectives Programs and Services at University of British Columbia” and “Jumpstart Academic Intensive Program for International Students,” in process for publication. Supervisor of Universal Leadership Conference June 2012 to June 2014 Founded and implemented Universal Leadership Conference with a focus on social justice, service and leadership. Trained and supervised 47 student volunteers and coordinated with staff to successfully operate conference for more than 300 student participants. Raised $32K through grant writing, and sponsorship from local businesses to host conference and to provide free registration for participants. Met with sponsors and organizing committees to plan scope, budgets and format of events. Negotiated contracts with service providers and suppliers, including hotels, convention centers and speakers. Supervisor of International Student Facilitators June 2012 to June 2013 University of Washington Bothell Bothell, WA Founded and implemented International Student Facilitators program ( to assist students’ transition to life in the US and higher education. Trained and supervised 20 international student facilitators to assist international students’ transition at UW Bothell. Oversaw events that promoted cultural understanding and awareness to student population of 4,500. Conducted catalyst survey to assess international students’ needs to improve services provided through program. Awarded Program of the Year in 2013.