Finance Resume Examples

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A finance resume can get you into several different kinds of positions within the financial industry. You could become a financial advisor and help people to plan for the future, or your finance resume could allow you to be a business analyst. If you enjoy business and analyzing money, then building up a strong finance resume is something that you should consider.

Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities of your finance resume depend on what kind of industry you get involved with. You could be a financial consultant to people looking to retire, or you could be the manager of a finance firm. A finance resume could also open up the doors to a career as an auditor, or you could develop your finance resume into a productive career as a loan officer. The best part about a finance resume is that it opens the doors to a number of exciting and interesting career options, and most of the career options associated with a finance resume allow you to help people.

Education & Training Requirements

If you want to be able to put together a good finance resume as a personal financial advisor, then you will need to have a college degree in business or accounting. If you want to create a finance resume for something as high profile as a corporate treasurer, then you will need to get your Masters in business. Many people with accounting finance resumes are also certified public accountants along with having college degrees.

Salary Outlook

An entry-level finance resume can expect a starting salary of approximately $26,000 per year. More experienced finance resumes can get salaries as high as $106,000 per year and up. The amount of your compensation for your finance resume depends on the extent of your educational background, your professional experience, and your position in the field. A finance resume could be the best way to get an inside track on a exciting career in business or finance. With the right background, your finance resume could be your ticket to professional success


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