Retail Resume Examples

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Here’s A Few Of Our Resume Samples

Your salesperson resume needs to be interesting and versatile if you want to land a great job.
Mobile Sales Pro
Mobile Sales Pro
Sell yourself high with the help of a professional mobile sales pro resume.
Customer Experience Manager
Customer Experience Manager
You need an attention-grabbing customer experience manager resume to stand out from the competition.
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Representative
Write a customer service representative resume that demonstrates why you are perfect for the job.


In order to have an impressive retail resume, you have to be more than just a salesperson. A good retail resume shows off your skills as a customer service representative as well as your ability to cover for cashiers when needed. If you want your retail resume to catch the attention of hiring managers, then it needs to show your full background and experience.

Job Responsibilities

A good retail resume lists positions such as mobile sales pro, customer service manager, part-time sales associate, and assistant store manager. The customer’s satisfaction is a primary goal with a retail resume, so that’s why some companies create positions such as customer experience manager. A successful retail resume shows a progression from a sales associate and working up towards being a store manager. As a retail resume professional, your job includes selling product, taking care of customers, and enhancing the buying experience for everyone who enters your store.

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma is the minimum educational requirement for a retail resume. If you want your retail resume to have managerial potential, then you need to add a four-year college degree in business, accounting, management, or finance. Your retail resume should also list all of the industry-specific seminars and classes you’ve attended. You should also list all of the point of sale systems you’re familiar with on your resume as well.

Salary Expectations

A retail resume for an entry-level employee can bring a starting salary of around $18,000 per year. More advanced and experienced retail resumes can command salaries of around $60,000 per year. Your retail resume will also include a commission portion to your pay that’ll vary depending on the company you work for and the products you sell. Create an effective retail resume with the tools available on the MyPerfectResume website. Our retail resume templates and samples will make developing a good retail resume easy.


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