Part-Time Cashiers Resume Sample


When you’re applying for a part-time job, it may be tempting to send in a quick little resume. But even when you only want to work a few hours each week, it’s important to nail your application if you want to snag the job and get paid at a rate that is fair for your skills and experience. Your resume is the central part of your application, so perfecting your resume-writing skills is a must.

In a part-time cashier resume, it’s important to include a short list of your varying job responsibilities for each prior position you have held. After all, being a cashier is about more than the cash register; most likely, you’ll have a lot of other responsibilities to juggle, and showing past experience with multitasking gives you a leg up.

For more resume writing advice, take a look at this part-time cashier resume sample.

Part Time Cashiers Resume Sample

What Responsibilities Do Cashiers Have?

What does it take to be a cashier?

To become a cashier, you need to have the following

  • A high-school diploma
  • Strong math skills
  • On-the-job training
  • Knowledge of point of sale, or POS, systems
  • Excellent customer service

What is the job description and responsibility of a cashier?

The duty of a cashier is to quickly process a customer’s transaction while providing them with excellent customer service. Additional cashier responsibilities can include registering customers for store reward or credit cards, removing security tags, gift wrapping, and explaining the store’s return policy.

Part-Time Cashier’s Resume Questions

1. What does a good part-time cashier’s resume look like?

Our part-time cashier’s resume sample is an example of noteworthy submission. A good resume contains a professional summary that provides a succinct snapshot of your most impressive qualifications as a part-time cashier. It lists skills such as loss prevention techniques and customer service, and it includes a work experience section that describes your previous responsibilities and accomplishments.

If you need assistance crafting a document that looks like our sample, use our resume builder. In just a few easy steps, you can create the perfect resume that increases your chances of landing you the job you want.

2. What format should your part-time cashier’s resume be in?

Use a format similar to that of our resume sample. Hiring managers often read the top part of your document first, so start your document with your professional summary to pique the interest of readers. Follow with your skills and work experience sections. Finish with your education section, usually one of the smallest parts of your document. Bullet points, columns, plenty of white space, readable fonts, and bold headers are excellent formatting aspects that enhance your document.

3. What skills should you put on a part-time cashier’s resume?

Take a look at our part-time cashier’s resume sample. Its skills section identifies 10 of the jobseeker’s skill sets. In this section, try to include at least six skills that apply to the job. Include proficiencies in mathematics, conflict resolution, and cash handling.

Remember that your skills section should not be a laundry list of every last ability you possess. Use this section to identify about 10 key proficiencies, and then use your other sections, such as summary and work experience, to demonstrate a few extra hard and soft skills as well.

4. What technical skills should you put on a part-time cashier’s resume?

Part-time cashiers need to understand how to interact with people and process transactions quickly. Most jobseekers applying to the type of position will include such proficiencies in their resumes. List hard skills such as dispute resolution tactics and counting in your document. Set yourself apart by listing other technical skills, such as knowledge of POS systems, cash registers, and other computer systems. Include these technical abilities in your skills section, as our part-time cashier’s resume sample exemplifies.

5. How do you make a part-time cashier’s resume for a first job?

If you are pursuing a cashier position for your first job, you may feel overwhelmed by the resume-writing process. After all, what do you put in your experience section if you have no actual work experience?

Include the same basic sections you see in our resume sample. Most jobseekers use a professional summary, but it is also acceptable to use an objective statement when pursuing your first job. Focus on your schoolwork, involvement in sports, and volunteer work to show important relevant proficiencies such as mathematics, working well with others, and communicating.

Be sure to check out this resume writing guide to help craft your resume.

What’s easier than writing an impressive Part Time Cashiers resume? Writing a cover letter to match! Our Part Time Cashiers cover letter samples make the process painless regardless of your writing ability.

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Resume Text

Sara Stephens

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Outgoing and friendly Cashier with reputation for accuracy and high customer service standards. Track record of correctly handling payments and maintaining correct drawer totals. Organized, detail-oriented, and collaborative team player seeking part-time position.


Proficient in POS and register systems
Mathematical aptitude
People person
Ability to mediate disputes
Listening skills

Familiar with loss prevention techniques
Customer- and service-oriented
Retail merchandising expertise
Can stand for extended periods
Energetic self-starter


February 2008 to Current
Wal-Mart New Cityland, CA

Greet every customer with a smile and inquire about store experience.
Answer questions about merchandise and maintain current knowledge of all promotions.
Efficiently ring up items and process payments to keep customers flowing through check-out aisles.
Assist younger cashiers with questions, difficult customer questions, and age-restricted purchases.
Contact customer service managers to handle pricing issues and complaints.
Volunteer for extra work to cover short-staffed shifts.
Mentor junior cashiers and new employees.

June 2005 to January 2008
K-Mart New Cityland, CA
Floor Associate and Cashier

Worked as both electronics associate and cashier, depending on store needs.
Merchandised displays to move selected items or set up for promotions.
Suggested specific items based on customer needs to improve department revenue.
Cleaned register area frequently, removed debris from shelves, and notified maintenance of any equipment or spillage issues.
Promptly answered all intercom codes for assistance.

September 2003 to May 2005
Quick Stop Convenience Mart New Cityland, CA

Monitored gas pumps for customer problems, abuse, and theft.
Kept drawer totals accurate for every shift.
Put out new merchandise, straightened shelves, and alerted management of order needs based on observation and customer requests.
Helped management with administrative functions such as scheduling and training.
Offered suggestions for frequent signage changes to front windows to keep customers interested in new products.