5 Common Nursing RN Interview Questions & Answers

Pursuing a career as an RN is an excellent decision in the current market, and you've already made great strides towards becoming a part of this industry by creating a standout resume and cover letter that'll make you shine. Next, you should take some time to prepare for the upcoming face-to-face interview. While the resume does the job of appealing to employers initially, the interview is one of the most crucial parts of the entire hiring process, and for good reason. This meeting gives potential employers the time to really observe the skills you've claimed on paper and to ask questions aimed at revealing a great deal about your personal behaviors and professional practices that are likely to arise on the job.

With so much on the line, preparing for this interview is imperative. While you may already be accustomed to general questions, you'll need to be ready to answer more specific industry-related nursing RN interview questions as well if you're looking to really nail the interview and leave bosses with a good impression.

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5 Nursing RN Interview Questions & Answers

1. How well would you rate your communication skills?

I've done a great deal of work in jobs centered around customer service and client care over the years, and my communication skills have grown and developed with each job. I'm able to clearly and concisely communicate in written methods as well as vocal, and I always remember to keep a clear head in rough situations, which I'm aware are likely to arise during this job. I feel like my skills are more than adequate to handle anything that this position presents and look forward to more opportunities to hone my skills while working for this hospital.

2. Sometimes this job can involve a great deal of stress. What are some ways you deal with stress?

Regardless of how stressed I become, when I'm on the clock, I remember that my job comes before everything else. Even if I'm feeling tense or stressed, there are still patients who will require my assistance and other team members who are depending on me to pull my weight and to fulfill my responsibilities. I deal with my stress when I'm at home on my own time and never let it impact my performance at work.

3. Have you ever had to deliver bad news to a client or customer? How did you handle the situation?

During my job as an RN at another hospital, I had to deliver bad news in order to keep patients up to date on their current health status. Once there was a man who had passed out at work who had no idea why it had occurred. Test results showed that he had developed type 2 diabetes without realizing it, and his sugar bottoming out is what had caused the fainting episode. I calmly told him the facts about his condition and began to give him the standard information on the procedures he'd have to complete, showed him how to check his blood sugar and other details before the doctor had a word with the patient. He seemed shocked and understandably upset, but I felt that by remaining calm, I helped him to keep a good handle on himself as well.

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4. Sometimes, individuals in this position are required to work erratic hours, which could mean overtime on short notice. Will you be able to work with these conditions?

Yes. If offered this position, I'll be available whenever the hospital needs me. I know how the needs of a hospital are reflected in the number of patients it's seeing, and I kept this in mind while choosing my career. Any opportunity I have to make a difference in a patient's life is a gift, and my professional life always comes first.

5. Will you prefer to work on a steady schedule with regular patients or an erratic one where you'll see new faces every day?

While working a steady schedule with familiar faces certainly has its charms, I always look forward to the challenges presented by a fast-paced and changing environment. Learning new patients' names and getting their information in order is a part of the job I've always enjoyed. I look forward to either scenario if offered this position.

While getting a job in the nursing field can be challenging, studying these common nursing RN interview questions and sample replies can help you put your best foot forward and increase your chances of obtaining an offer.

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