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Service Clerk Cover Letter Example + Tips

Resumes are valuable as you apply for jobs and so are cover letters. At the most basic level, a cover letter shows your grasp of grammar as well as your writing style. It also showcases your personality and your industry-specific experience. For important tips on writing an excellent cover letter, read the free service clerk cover letter sample below, and stick around for a few more helpful nuggets.

Dear Ms. Green,

When I read your company’s job posting for a service clerk on the Main Street Bulletin website, I knew right away that we would be an excellent fit. I appreciate that the posting emphasized up front that the job can be difficult and stressful but that the benefits are well worth the effort for the right person. With my background in the service industry and my proven customer-relations techniques, I believe I am that right person.

For 10 years before my move to California, I worked for XYZ, an East Coast grocery chain similar to yours. I won multiple customer-service awards, and one of my most notable accomplishments was reducing customer wait time at the service desk by 20 percent.

I take great pride in making shopping trips easier. Whether a customer needs refunds or exchanges, or wants assistance in finding certain items, I am up to the task. Being one face of customer service for a company is an act of trust, and I aim to go beyond expectations. I work on building teams and on fostering even better relationships among customers and employees. To that end, I have invested in continuing education, which includes workshops on fostering customer loyalty, how to treat customers like human beings, and going past the minimum communications.

With my extensive experience in customer service, I have become adept at handling stress, and I welcome the challenges and rewarding experiences that each new day brings. I appreciate your time and consideration, and would like the opportunity to speak to you further about my qualifications in an interview.

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What to Include in a Service Clerk Cover Letter

Here are some critical pointers to help you better use this free service clerk cover letter sample. For one thing, explain how you found out about the job opening; doing so grounds the letter. Keep your writing professional, use four paragraphs, and avoid clichés. Give specifics as to why you are an excellent fit for the job, and refer to the job description as appropriate. As you conclude the cover letter, show appreciation for the reader’s time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free service clerk cover letter sample is a good starting point, but it is important to customize your cover letter to match specific attributes of the job. You can often reference the job description, but the following qualities are usually helpful when you apply for a service clerk job.

● Communication: You work with a wide variety of customers and team members, each of whom has varying needs.
● Stress management: You must handle stress in a healthy and constructive way.
● Problem solving: To enhance customer loyalty, use problem-solving skills to address customer issues.
● Patience: Dealing with tricky or difficult customers requires patience.


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